Netflix Cheap and Expensive Price Comparison by Country 2021

Netflix Cheap and Expensive Price Comparison by Country 2021

Netflix has about 200 million paid subscribers, about 80 million of those being Americans. The platform had autonomy in the OTT sector for many a year. Despite competitors like Hulu, Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, HBO, Netflix continues to have the largest population of clientele. This is because of the quantity of content that is available for a relatively smaller price.

Available in over 190 countries, the platform is expanding at a rate faster than ever. Being the largest OTT platform in the world isn’t the end result of Netflix. They plan on traversing the field of gaming and other sectors by creating a full-on experience that isn’t limited to streaming for their users.

Types of Netflix subscription plans

The advantage Netflix has over its competitors is the variety of content it offers. None of this content is limited to any user that has paid for a subscription, irrespective of the plan they chose. This allows users to choose whatever works for their requirements and budget, without having to compromise on the content available to them.

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However, the content available to a user depends on their geographical location. The platform has an ever-growing list of titles, including shows, movies, Netflix Originals, and documentaries. Add to that the interviews and BTS videos the platform offers on YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms and you have a 360° user experience. The types of Netflix plans are:

  • Mobile plans for users with only one mobile device to stream titles on. This plan doesn’t offer HD or laptop/TV availability.
  • Basic plans offer all the amenities that Netflix has, except the HD viewership. The subscribers can use the app/website only on one device at a time.
  • Then comes Netflix’s most popular plan- Standard. The plan allows 2 users to stream at one time along with downloads in two different devices. Standard plans also offer titles in HD.
  • Then comes Premium plan, the best Netflix offers. A user has the option to stream and download titles on 4 different devices of any kind at the same time. They also have the titles in Ultra HD.

Mentioned above are all the general plans the platform offers to viewers across the globe. Their price determines the number of Netflix titles available to them. Exchange rates, taxation systems, and other variables, like licenses, determine the price structure of the platform in any country. Despite the prices constantly rising, the cost of Netflix in Argentina has been the lowest per title when we compare the number of titles and the price users pay.

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Most and least expensive Netflix subscriptions

Here’s a list of countries that pay the least price for a standard Netflix subscription, according to Comparitech:

Country No. of TV Shows No. of Movies Total Library Size Cost Per Month – Basic (Local) Cost Per Month – Basic ($)
Cost Per Title – Basic ($)
Argentina 1636 3219 4855 ARS 459 $5.40 $0.00056
Turkey 1569 2897 4466 TRY 40.99 $5.58 $0.00062
Brazil 1589 2890 4479 BRL 32.90 $6.20 $0.00069
Philippines 1998 4194 6192 PHP 459 $9.54 $0.00077
India 1922 3578 5500 INR 649 $8.85 $0.00080
South Africa 1855 3453 5308 ZAR 139 $9.04 $0.00085
Colombia 1617 2974 4591 COP 26900 $7.88 $0.00086
Indonesia 2028 4236 6264 IDR 153,000 $10.88 $0.00087
Malaysia 2023 4338 6361 MYR 45 $11.14 $0.00088
Hungary 2015 3911 5926 HUF 3,190 $10.95 $0.00092

And a list of some of the most expensive ones:

Country No. of TV Shows No. of Movies Total Library Size Cost Per Month – Basic (Local) Cost Per Month – Basic ($)
Cost Per Title – Basic ($)
Switzerland 1617 2775 4392 CHF 16.90 $19.12 $0.00218
Denmark 1366 2498 3864 DKK 99 $16.34 $0.00211
Greece 1204 2151 3355 EUR 10.99 $13.48 $0.00201
Finland 1367 2442 3809 EUR 11.99 $14.71 $0.00193
Portugal 1399 2208 3607 EUR 10.99 $13.48 $0.00187
Spain 1472 2497 3969 EUR 11.99 $14.71 $0.00185
Belgium 1387 2605 3992 EUR 11.99 $14.71 $0.00184
Italy 1404 2755 4159 EUR 11.99 $14.71 $0.00177
Austria 1612 2903 4515 EUR 12.99 $15.94 $0.00177
Sweden 1368 2454 3822 SEK 109 $13.28 $0.00174

Users living in countries that are slightly higher needn’t worry. The pricing policy of Netflix keeps in mind variables like inflation and currency exchange rate. A user can easily make use of third-party applications and softwares like VPNs to find a title unavailable in their home country.

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