NFL Fans Are Convinced Taysom Hill’s Big Contract Extension Is A Money Laundering Scheme

NFL Fans Are Convinced Taysom Hill’s Big Contract Extension Is A Money Laundering Scheme

Taysom Hill is 31 years old and has been the New Orleans Saints tight end, H-back, quarterback combo for the past five seasons. He has 1,291 combined rushing and receiving yards in that span, with seven touchdowns, and is 101-of-142 as a passer for 1,103 yards, four touchdowns, and four interceptions as a passer.

There is some value to what Taysom Hill brings to the Saints team, but the strange obsession Sean Payton and the Saints have with trying to make him a thing baffles most NFL viewers — and many Saints fans. They also keep handing Hill contracts that pay him, potentially, like a quarterback despite him not having ever won the starting QB job despite this offseason his top competition being Jameis Winston, who is certainly a talented QB but even the most ardent Winston supporters would have him in the league average starter realm.

So, when Adam Schefter brought word of a new contract extension for Hill in New Orleans that includes a weird “hybrid” model that could pay him more if he plays QB, everyone was stunned this was happening again.

The real answer involves some cap gymnastics and paying him out at a base of $10 million a year, with just that $22.5 guaranteed, which isn’t horrible, but still eyebrow raising.

Still, that didn’t stop fans and media from having plenty of jokes about the Saints handing Hill yet another potentially huge contract, despite him quite clearly not being the answer at quarterback. A popular theory among fans is that Hill is, in fact, a money laundering scheme for the Saints that will one day come to light.

Others are just baffled that we are still doing this with Hill, despite Trevor Siemian starting over him recently — which has been, in part, due to Hill coming back from another concussion, which he has suffered a few times in his career.