Who Dies in The Witcher Season 2 and How?

Who Dies in The Witcher Season 2 and How?

Many people draw comparisons between The Witcher and Game of Thrones, which is a good comparison to have. However, there are also some disadvantages like, “Game of Thrones” is infamous for its death scenes. And as a fan, you never want that, but that hasn’t been the case as fans frantically search for who dies in The Witcher season 2?

Expecting no spoilers ahead will be as dumb as expecting Geralt to display his emotions openly. Thus, fans who haven’t yet completed the series should weigh in their options. Would they like to finish the series or first find out who dies in The Witcher season 2?

Deaths in The Witcher season 2

Roach’s (Geralt’s mare) death was probably the hardest one for the fans. Netflix had just celebrated National Horse Day on December 13 by sharing photos of the horse on Twitter. Thus, it shocked the fans when Geralt puts Roach out of misery after she was wounded by a Chernhog.

Eskel (Basil Eidenbenz) also met his end at the hands of Geralt. The troublemaker had bragged about killing a leshy, but it turned out that the creature wasn’t dead. Thus, the leshy infected Eskel, and he tried to kill Vesimir, forcing Geralt to kill one of his own. Fans of the novel and video game were not happy with the decision, as the character saw a drastic change in the series.

That was not all, as three witchers and an elven baby also die in this season. When Voleth Meir possessed Ciri in Kaer Morhen, The Deathless Mother ends up killing three witchers. Francesca and Filavandrel also suffer a loss at Cintra, as someone assassinates their newborn elven baby.

Deaths in the previous season of The Witcher

The first season ended on a cliffhanger, with fans hoping that Yennefer and their favorite bard Jaskier survive. Even though these relatively important characters made it out, others were not so lucky. Princess Renfri (Emma Appleton) died at the hands of Geralt, which gave him the name of “The Butcher of Blaviken”.

Ciri’s relatives suffer horrible deaths in the Witcher season 1. Queen Calanthe (Ciri’s grandmother) jumped out of the window during the attack of Nilfgaard, and her husband King East also died. Season 1 also hints at the death of Ciri’s parents, Pavetta (Agata Buzek) and Duny (Bart Edwards), during a shipwreck.

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