The NBA Will Reportedly Postpone Hawks-Cavs And Nets-Nuggets Amid COVID Outbreaks

The NBA Will Reportedly Postpone Hawks-Cavs And Nets-Nuggets Amid COVID Outbreaks

The NBA has been desperately trying to push through the recent COVID-19 spike without postponing games, but as case counts pile up and more and more players go into protocols, the league is finding itself with no choice in certain instances. That is particularly true this week with G League affiliates all in Las Vegas for the G League Showcase, making last minute call ups to fill hardship exceptions nearly impossible due to travel.

After postponing the Bulls’ two games this past week after they saw 10 players enter protocols, the league had to postpone its third game on Sunday, as the Cavaliers saw five additional players test positive on Sunday, leaving them without the eight players needed for their game later in the evening in Atlanta.

The Hawks were also going to be without star guard Trae Young, who likewise entered protocols on Sunday morning. Shortly after word broke about Cavs-Hawks being put on the shelf, the Nets and Nuggets game was postponed amid Brooklyn’s own outbreak.

There is also potential for a third game to be postponed, with the Sixers dealing with their own roster crunch ahead of a game with New Orleans.

UPDATE: The league officially postponed five games over the next three days, with Cavs-Hawks, Nuggets-Nets, and Pelicans Sixers on Sunday, Magic-Raptors on Monday, and Wizards-Nets on Tuesday all being moved.

Any sort of pause to the season seems highly unlikely, particularly as players return from protocols after 10 days if asymptomatic, but the league appears to see that they will have to budge off of its play games at all costs stance and be a bit more willing and flexible with postponements, as team-wide outbreaks have become far more prevalent this year with less testing and a more transmissible variant now wreaking havoc around the world.