Does Yennefer Regain Her Magic in the Witcher? Or Will She?

Does Yennefer Regain Her Magic in the Witcher? Or Will She?

The World of Netflix‘s The Witcher is filled with magical mysteries and powerful characters. Yennefer of Vengerberg is one of the most important personalities in the show. We saw how she became one of the most powerful mages on the continent throughout season 1. But it turns out that she lost her magic during the events of the Season 1 finale. Which brings us to the question: does Yennefer regain her magic in The Witcher Season 2?

Even though the primary story that The Witcher follows is that of Ciri, the arch of Yennefer is just as important. Everyone witnessed the destruction Yen brought in at the Nilfgaardian army at the Battle of Sodden Hill. The amount of Fire Magic she used raised many eyebrows already. It is one of the most dangerous forms of magic that a mage can perform. Many predicted that Yen may lose something extremely important for using it, and she indeed lost the most precious thing of hers, her chaos.

How did Yennefer lose her powers?

We all remember the last episode of The Witcher Season 1, where the mages were on the verge of losing the Battle of Sodden Hill. Right then we saw Yennefer use Fire Magic that turned the tide, and the mages emerged victoriously from the battle. But we know that using Fire Magic comes at a price, and that too is hefty. As we clearly remember, one mage dying, just because she conjured up a fireball.

Everyone was speculating what will Yennefer lose for using Fire Magic to such a large extent. Many believed, including with Geralt, Tissaia, and others, that Yennefer died at Sodden; turns out she didn’t, but was captured by Fringilla and the remaining Nilfgaardian soldiers. Later, when a group of Elves kill the soldiers and take Fringilla and Yen to their queen Francesca, we come to know that all three of them have been having a similar dream.

The trio then goes to meet Deathless Mother or Voleth Meir, an ancient demon that the first witchers of the continent trapped inside of a hut. The encounter with Voleth Meir reveals to Yennefer that she has lost her connection with Chaos, without which she can no longer perform magic.

Does Yennefer regain her magic?

Yes, Yennefer regains her magic in The Witcher season 2. Following her encounter with the Deathless Mother, she frequently guided Yen and asked to do things that may lead to her getting her magic back. She even saved Cahir when she was told to execute him, but she doesn’t always react to Voleth Meir’s words and quietly ignores the continuous mocking from her side.

But later, when guards capture Yen in the city of Oxenfurt, she finally gives in to the demon for her magic. Voleth teleports her away from the city; telling Yennefer she will gain her magic back if she brings Ciri to the Monolith. The same structure that the swallow toppled in season 1 of the show. Yen agrees to do it and later is reunited with Geralt at the Temple of Melitele, where she comes to know that Ciri is Geralt’s Child Surprise.

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Yen reconsiders after she sees the bond between Ciri and Geralt, how they have become a pair of father and daughter. But it turns out that it is already too late; Voleth breaks free from the hut after Yen takes Ciri to the ruins of the Monolith outside Cintra. Yennefer sacrifices herself for the princess by pulling out the demon from her body; providing herself as a vessel for it. The swallow repays her as she teleports herself, Geralt, and Yennefer to another sphere where the demon leaves Yenna’s body.

After the trio returns to their world, Yennefer discovers that her connection to Chaos has been established. Turns out that her sacrifice for Ciri helped her regain her magic.

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