Emily in Paris Outfits – Check What More Season 2 Brings for the Fashionistas

Emily in Paris Outfits – Check What More Season 2 Brings for the Fashionistas

If you need rom-coms without too much emphasis on the romance aspect of it, Emily in Paris is the perfect watch. Season one of the series had quickly become a fan-favorite. With a refreshing plot, a young ambitious woman, and of course, the enamor of Paris, fans loved the carefree vibe Emily in Paris possessed. But that’s not all to it! Emily in Paris, set in, you guessed it, Paris, the Jerusalem of fashion, featured some of the finest outfits in any Netflix title.

Watch the trailer of season Deux here. Set to release on December 22, 2021.

Why is fashion so important in this series?

If watching The Devil Wears Prada is getting too repetitive for you, Emily in Paris is the perfect alternative. Both the titles are about two different young women trying to make their career in the lucrative world of high fashion, with their devious bosses hell-bent on making their life miserable.

While The Devil Wears Prada features more of the politics that go into the making of success, Emily in Paris is just about a young girl moving to a new city, trying to fit into her job, and finding friends and partners among a pool of people who all seem to loathe her.

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Being a “social media specialist, ” Emily certainly couldn’t be out-of-touch with reality and trends. Her wardrobe, however, is impractical. Most of them either looked like a toddler decided to make her look exquisite- they were the visual equivalent of punches in the face. But who can blame the show that’s known for its cartoonish depiction of the French?

The picture above speaks for itself. Emily moves around Paris in 6-inch stilettos and completely impractical outfits throughout the season. We can see a little more realistic depiction of the fashion industry without making it look comically exaggerated in Sylvie and Camille’s wardrobes.

Spot the main character. Hint: she’s standing out, literally.

Maybe the creators did this on purpose as they showed how Emily was unique and authentic, while others were not.

Outfits we’re expecting in Emily in Paris 2

All things said and done, fans are expecting Emily to be a little more rooted in reality in the following season of the Netflix series. The first step towards this would be making her entire wardrobe look more practical and less like she was going to a parade.

The first inspiration for this would be Sylvie Grateau, Emily’s boss and the Miranda Priestly of Paris.

Then there is Emily’s friend Camille, who she treated quite unfairly, but again, conversation for another day. Turns out, there is a way to wear berets and hats in Emily in Paris without making your outfit look like an over-eccentric anime fan.

If you think we’re done admiring Camille’s fashion yet, we’re not. The creators designed Camille’s outfits perfectly. A woman in Paris who is conscious of her clothes but doesn’t overdo it.

If this entire article was to be summed up in a single picture, it would be the following one.

Which of these would you choose for a day at work: a hot pink trench coat with black tights and white sneakers, or a black coat with flared jeans and red boots?

This Netflix Original isn’t a bad show. It’s light-hearted, engaging, slightly problematic but can be fixed and fun. There aren’t many things you can change about Emily in Paris without losing the essence of it, but the outfits definitely need some saving.

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