Check These Best Hand-Picked “The Witcher” Memes Flooding the Internet After the New Season

Check These Best Hand-Picked “The Witcher” Memes Flooding the Internet After the New Season

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In today’s world, anything and everything can be a meme in a matter of a few clicks. The process speeds up depending on the popularity of the topic. Given the timing of the memes, it is not really surprising when you see a bunch of The Witcher content on various social media platforms.

If you have binged The Witcher one day after its release, then you might feel a void. So, it is high time you stop thinking about the next season of The Witcher and enjoy these memes. Some of these memes might have spoilers, so proceed at your own risk.

The Witcher memes from Twitter

Twitter always has the most outrageous reactions to any situation. However, this quick response to trending topics means it produces a lot of funny and relatable memes. Let us dive right into it.

Hate to be the guy who explains the joke, but for the uninitiated, The Witcher is also a popular fantasy action role-playing game. As the game has many side quests, which are almost always a waste of time, this meme highlights the same.

This crossover meme featuring a crossover episode of “New Girl” is peak internet. But, this dark meme states the reality in a rather light-hearted manner.

Memes from Reddit

Reddit has one of the most active communities for memers, and we have got some of their best work. Check out this dark meme that makes fun of Eskel’s death. For more information on Eskel’s death, check out “Who Dies in The Witcher Season 2 and How?

Heh from netflixwitcher

Jaskier’s songs have spread like wildfire in the meme community. In the first season, it was “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher” that made an impact, and now we have “Burn Butcher Burn”. Check out this hilarious meme depicting our struggles.

It’s sooo good ! from netflixwitcher

Some miscellaneous memes from the internet

Some memes on the internet are just way too relatable, as you feel you made it. The meme below accurately describes every night out or movie night where your parents get a wrong impression.

Next up, we have a very wholesome meme that will definitely make you go “Aww”. Geralt can fight with almost anyone but has problems getting attached to humans. It is not his fault, as the guy must have seen hundreds of people die because of his long lifespan.

That was all from our side. You can always re-watch The Witcher if you don’t get the context to any of the memes.

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Let us know in the comments which meme did you relate to?.

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