Nikola Vucevic Turned To Legos As A Way To Keep Himself Occupied While He Had COVID-19

Nikola Vucevic Turned To Legos As A Way To Keep Himself Occupied While He Had COVID-19

In mid-December, 10 members of the Chicago Bulls roster, including star perimeter players Zach LaVine and DeMar DeRozan, entered the NBA’s health and safety protocols. That led to a pair of postponed games for Chicago, but starting center Nikola Vucevic was not among the group of players sidelined in that particular instance.

However, Vucevic actually tested positive and was forced to miss time back in November. Thankfully, the veteran big man is vaccinated and did not experience severe symptoms but, in the middle of a recent pieces from Rolling Stone, it was revealed that Vucevic spent part of his COVID-19 quarantine experimenting with a collection of Legos.

Alone at his very large place, the two-time NBA All-Star — all six feet, ten inches and 280 pounds of him — pulled a box of Legos from an ignored drawer and began to build the Batmobile. And a Star Wars battleship. A bust of Darth Vader, too. Vučević responded to some emails and waited out a breakthrough.

Given that Vucevic suddenly had more time on his hands than a typical NBA player ever would in the middle of the season, reaching for Legos to pass the time makes complete sense. With that said, Vucevic previously spoke about his plan with regard to Legos and, well, his aim was mostly on post-retirement life.

It feels like a safe bet that Vucevic already has plenty of Legos that he hasn’t built and, even if he didn’t, he could assuredly find more in the world when he needs them. It is still quite a visual to picture a mountain of a man building Star Wars and Batman-themed Legos in the middle of an NBA season, but that is apparently what transpired earlier in 2021.