Where Can You Watch ‘Are You the One?’ Season 3? Is It Available on Netflix?

Where Can You Watch ‘Are You the One?’ Season 3? Is It Available on Netflix?

Thanks to the pandemic, our daily routine has seen some dramatic changes. With most of us working from home, catching your favorite reality show can be tough. One such reality show is ‘Are You The One?’, which people are searching for on Netflix.

We can dive into how Netflix has come to the rescue of ‘Are You The One?’ viewers. But first, let us look at why the 2014 reality show is trending long after its end.

What is ‘Are You The One?’

The MTV reality show began in 2014 and lasted for eight seasons. Single contestants in the show are searching for their one true love. However, the producers already know the contestant’s soulmates because of a matchmaking algorithm. Since the contestants don’t know about their matches, they have to search for them through various tasks.

When all the singles pair up, the contestants share a cash prize of $1 million. Thus, the show involves plenty of drama, with contestants having to start over when they get a wrong match. Now that you understand why the reality show has eight seasons, let us look at how streaming platforms help the fans of the show.

Is Netflix getting season 3 of ‘Are You The One?’

December saw the addition of season 3 of ‘Are You The One?’ to Netflix. The streaming giant also has the 4th season of the reality show in its library for the viewers.

Where to watch all seasons of ‘Are You The One?’

Unfortunately, US viewers can’t stream every season of the show on any platform. Newsweek reported allegations of a contestant on the 5th season of the show, which led to MTV stopping the streaming service. Thus, only international viewers can stream the 5th season of the show.

You can watch all the seasons of the show on Paramount+, but you will need a subscription to stream. Hulu subscribers can also stream three seasons of ‘Are You The One?’, i.e. seasons 3, 4, and 6. Amazon Prime also provides an option to buy seasons or episodes of the reality show.

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