Netflix Category Codes to Dig Out the Best Christmas Library on the Platform

Netflix Category Codes to Dig Out the Best Christmas Library on the Platform

Netflix has a pretty expansive range of Christmas content all over the steamer, but it’s really hard to find the perfect movie for your Christmas holidays. So, let us help you experience the best service by Netflix. Here are some tricks with which you can find every Christmas movie and TV show they have to offer for 2021, including some Christmas titles that are otherwise hidden.

There are a dozen of Christmas movies and shows, but not enough categories like Halloween and Thanksgiving. However, we can still make enough from the category code bible to make it worthy. Let us find the brand new Christmas titles on Netflix for 2021, and we will catalog them for you.

Full List of Christmas Netflix Category Codes

If you don’t have a specific film title in your mind, Netflix’s categories section is filled with Christmas movies. There are also some hidden categories, which include everything from “Romantic Christmas Films” to “Goofy Christmas Children and Family Films.”

The categories will have a particular code, and you can use those codes to stream your favorite content.

Season’s Streaming hub is the hottest hub for Christmas movies on Netflix, for 2021. We can find the bulk of Netflix’s Christmas TV and movie lineup for 2021. It comes with some special features like a complete preview video and special new graphics for the holiday season.

If you want the categories to be in a more expansive way, then you’ll need these special category codes. Here’s the list of the category codes on Netflix:

  • Season’s Streamings–81346420
  • British Christmas Children & Family Films–1527064
  • Canadian Christmas Children & Family Films–1721544
  • Christmas Children & Family Films from the 1990s–1476024
  • Christmas Children & Family Films–1474017
  • Christmas Comedies–1474015
  • Christmas for Kids–1726277
  • Christmas TV Cartoons–1395703
  • Christmas TV Comedies–1395700
  • European Christmas Children & Family Films–1527063
  • Feel-good Christmas Children & Family Films–1475066
  • Feel-Good Christmas Films–1418977
  • Festive Family Fun–81351538
  • Festive Favorites – 107985
  • Festive Fun–393181
  • Festive Romance–394388
  • More Naughty Than Nice–81354837
  • Romantic Christmas Films–1394527
  • Spiritual Movies–26835
  • Twisted Christmas–2300975

How to use Netflix Christmas Category Codes

So, we can access the codes list through a web browser.

Or, we can add the code after the following web address:


And if you using the streamer on app forms, then you can directly type the category code in the search bar for your favorite Christmas film to pop up.

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