Best Christmas Episodes of Your Favorite TV Shows on Netflix

Best Christmas Episodes of Your Favorite TV Shows on Netflix

Every series, be it a drama or a comedy, has at least one Christmas episode. While some of these episodes are fillers, others aren’t. But the common trait they all share is that they make for perfect Christmastime watches. Here is a compilation of the best Christmas episodes of your favorite TV shows:


Season 6 Episode 6- A Lot Dirtier Than That

While we watch Amenadiel trying to make the best out of his situation with the racist detective, Lucifer and his attempts to bond with Rory over Christmas celebrations definitely add to the holiday vibe in the Netflix Original.

Cobra Kai

Season 3 Episode 10- December 19

Nothing gets you in the Christmas mood like rock versions of the festival’s classic music. Just like any other season of Cobra Kai, the finale of season 3 was nothing short of magnificent. But what made it extra special was that it was set during Christmas, making it one of the best festive episodes of the series.

Black Mirror

Season 2 Episode 4- White Christmas

A tale told in a remote outpost in a frozen wilderness- there is no way this episode of Black Mirror could get more Christmassy!

The Vampire Diaries

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Running for 171 episodes distributed into 8 seasons, The Vampire Diaries is bound to have quite many Christmas episodes, some of which were the best of the TV show altogether! They are-

Season 4 Episode 9- O Come, All Ye Faithful

Season 6 Episode 10- Christmas Through Your Eyes

Season 7 Episode 9- Cold As Ice

Season 8 Episode 7- The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You

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Season 3 Episode 9- Reign

Every December, we indefinitely come across a movie or show based on an ancient prophecy in the modern world. It always comes into fruition at the time of Christmas. The trope really is inevitable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is always boring. Supergirl’s episode Reign is one such example. This feature is about the titular character Reign and is definitely one of the best Christmas episodes of tv shows so far.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things star is getting a spinoff comic book

Season 1 Episode 3- Holly, Jolly

What is a Netflix compilation without a mention of Stranger Things? The Netflix Original isn’t one of the platform’s most popular titles for naught. While the entire episode is rather on the grim side, the title derived from the Burl Ives song A Holly Jolly Christmas and Joyce setting up the Christmas lights are enough to get into the season’s mood.


Season 2 Episode 8- A Very Supernatural Christmas

The title of the episode is obvious enough for fans to know what it is about. Since it is Supernatural we’re talking about, the trail they follow isn’t that of Santa. The group is behind an anti-Santa this time. Although it falls into some of the more common tropes out there, this is one of the best Christmas episodes of tv shows out there. Definitely recommended.


Religiously, I’m a Muslim, but I’ve always been a big fan of Christmas.“- this quote from the series is all up. Community has 6 long seasons, out of which 4 have had an episode each dedicated to Christmas celebrations. Secularity on television really peaked with the Christmas episodes of Community, one of the best tv shows out there.

Season 1 Episode 12- Comparative Religion

Season 2 Episode 11- Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas

Season 3 Episode 10- Regional Holiday Music

Season 4 Episode 10- Intro To Knots

The Flash

Season 1 Episode 29- The Man in the Yellow Suit

Socks for Christmas have become too basic a gift. The Flash wants something different. All he wants for Christmas is the man in the yellow suit- his mother’s murderer.


Season 2 Episode 9- Three Ghosts

Everything Charles Dickens has ever written is a masterpiece. Despite being wildly popular in mainstream media, his story A Christmas Carol is no exception. This episode of Arrow is a rendition of the three ghosts that appear in Ebenezer Scrooge’s dreams in the original story.

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