Emhyr var Emreis Is the White Flame and Ciri’s Father in The Witcher – Know More About His Backstory

Emhyr var Emreis Is the White Flame and Ciri’s Father in The Witcher – Know More About His Backstory

The finale of season 2 of The Witcher was probably the most jaw-dropping twist of the entire series. It was revealed that the mysterious White Flame or Emhyr was none other than Duny- Ciri’s father and the man the witcher Geralt of Rivia had saved. After the season ended with this shocking revelation, fans are on the lookout for any and all information about the man. Fear not because here is all the information you need to know about The White Flame from The Witcher.

Who is The White Flame?

Right from episode 1 of the first season of The Witcher, we had been hearing of The White Flame. When Nilfgaardian forces attacked Cintra, they justified their theatrics and brutality in the name of the White Flame. The obsession Nilfgaardians had with the mysterious White Flame made them look like a religious cult. Even Fringilla, a mage who had learned the arts of political persuasion, had fallen into the cult-like bandwagon of the White Flame.

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We later learn that the White Flame mentioned so often during the course of the series is none other than Emperor Emhyr var Emreis, king of Nilfgaard. Finally, at the end of season 2 of the Netflix Original, fans see that Emhyr or the White Flame, is Duny, Cirilla’s father and Calanthe’s son-in-law.

Duny- the urcheon?

If you’re wondering if we’re talking about Duny, the urcheon that married Pavetta through the LAw of Surprise, then yes. We’re talking about the same person.

Part of the reason why Emhyr’s revelation was so shocking was not that we believed Duny to be dead; it was that Duny seemed like an innocent young man. Knowing that The White Flame is responsible for cult-like followers and the mass death of many innocent lives was unsettling for the viewers.

Much like fans did with Nivellen at the first sight, they sympathized with Duny as well. He looked like a man with no ill intents or shortcomings who had been cursed for something that wasn’t his fault. After a heated exchange with Calanthe where even her beloved Mousesack and Geralt wouldn’t support her, she finally gave in. Duny and Pavetta were to be married.

However, as far as fans knew, the two did not have their happily ever after. They were believed to have drowned at sea. While the Witcher books have delved much deeper into the White Flame’s past, we do not want to spoil the show for our readers.

So, how did Duny manage to escape the shipwreck? Did Pavetta do so? How did he become Emhyr var Emreis or the White Flame? Only time, or the next season of The Witcher on Netflix, will tell.

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