Selena Gomez Received This Whopping Amount to Help a Struggling Luxury Fashion Brand

Selena Gomez Received This Whopping Amount to Help a Struggling Luxury Fashion Brand

Some stars willingly endorse products because they personally use them. However, most celebrities are offered a sizable amount to promote brands.

Selena Gomez, for instance, was hired to help revive a dying fashion brand for a jaw-dropping amount. But what made her the right choice for the project?

Selena Gomez’s Following

Before we delve deeper on the offer, let’s discuss first why Selena may be the perfect choice by any struggling company. For one, she is one of the most famous pop stars of this generation after having cemented her status as an actress and singer for more or less two decades.

She joined the cast of ‘Barney & Friends’ as a child but ultimately grew popular after she bagged the lead role of Alex Russo in the now-defunct Disney Channel series ‘Wizards of the Waverly Place.’ Selena managed to attract legions of followers as an actress and impressively, they stuck with her even when she transitioned to become a singer.

Everett Collection / Shutterstock Selena Played Alex in ‘Wizards of the Waverly Place’

Selena sees her time with the series as instrumental for skill-building and career growth. Then, her growing fan base would make it possible for her to ink lucrative deals. Just check her social media channels and you’ll immediately see how popular she has gotten.

Coach Deal

Naturally, brands want to partner with her to boost their sales. It’s truer for dying companies that want to make a comeback by bringing someone as fresh and exciting as her.

Sorbis / Shutterstock Coach paid the songstress $10 million

Coach, which saw declining sales years ago, tapped Selena for a campaign in 2016. At the time, the ‘Wolves’ singer had an astounding 104 million followers on Instagram, making her the then-most followed on the platform.

At the time, the fashion brand hit a road block – and it doesn’t seem like things were going to get better. The luxury company began exploring other steps to mitigate the problem, including acquiring Kate Spade to target the hip market.

Coach was in the middle of the rebranding phase when they hired Selena to be a model for a whopping $10 million. The investment paid off as it noticed an increase in sales.


Although some people assume that Selena only grabbed the opportunity because of the amount involved, it is worth noting that she has already amassed a sizable fortune prior to inking the Coach deal. She has a net worth of $60 million from musical, acting, and producing careers.

JOCA_PH / Shutterstock Selena executive produces ’13 Reasons Why’

In case you missed it, Selena is executive producing the highly controversial Netflix show ‘13 Reasons Why.’ Apart from that, she has recently launched her own beauty line called Rare Beauty.