Netflix Anime to Watch This Christmas – 2021

Netflix Anime to Watch This Christmas – 2021

Anime episodes with a Christmas theme are a rare combination, which only a few have watched. It will be a treat to look at the animated snow and our favorite characters in new winter outfits. Already have a visual in your mind? If so, then here are some of the best anime on Netflix to get you into the festive spirit of Christmas.


Aggretsuko follows Retsuko, a 25-year-old red panda who struggles to navigate her life through tough days at work. Retsuko’s only way to cope with stress is blasting death metal music at a karaoke bar. “We Wish You A Metal Christmas” is the title of the 11th episode in season one.

The episode focuses on social media addiction. The validation from likes and followers on social media traps Retsuko. However, she comes to her senses just before Christmas. The show has got three seasons, and the fourth one came on December 16, 2021.

March Comes In Like A Lion

The title of the 10th episode which is a Christmas-themed episode is “Something Given”. Do you get anxious when you have to plan for such an important holiday? If yes, then you will enjoy and relate to this episode. The 2016 anime has two seasons, each comprising 22 episodes, and it ended in 2018.

Angel Beats!

This Christmas episode might not be a happy or jolly one, as the anime on Netflix has a reputation for being sad. But, the episode has an inspiring story that aligns with the spirit of the festival. The first memory that comes back to Otonashi is of his terminally ill sister.

At this moment, we see Otonashi carrying his sister to show her the Christmas lights. The animation in this episode stands out just because of this scene. Angel Beats! is a 2010 anime and only has one season comprising 13 episodes.


Besides being a Christmas-themed episode, it also features a lot of heartbreaks. Ryuuji dressing up as a teddy bear Santa Claus to cheer up Taiga is the definition of friendship. But, we find out that their friendship is a bit more complex. The episode titled “Christmas Eve Festival” is the 19th episode of the 2008 anime having 25 episodes.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia has been on top of the rankings since its first season. But in the middle of the fifth season, fans get an exclusive Christmas episode. After a long joint training arc with class B, we get to see our heroes have some downtime, wherein they exchange gifts.

This episode has some hilarious interactions like Bakugo and Todoroki giving an interview, and Eri mixing up festivals. Unfortunately, only viewers from India and UK can witness Eri’s cuteness on Netflix.

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