Check Out These Hilarious Photos of Gabrielle Union’s Daughter – Baby is Not Impressed at All

Check Out These Hilarious Photos of Gabrielle Union’s Daughter – Baby is Not Impressed at All

Babies will be babies, and that is why they are loved. They often speak their mind and when they are not voicing their opinions, they will let you know how they feel just by their facial expression.

It looks like Gabrielle Union’s daughter is no exception to this rule, and the little baby is serving some looks.

In a series of Instagram posts for Gabrielle and her husband’s skincare brand, directed towards POC children called PROUDLY, their daughter Kaavia James Union Wade is not impressed and definitely not trying to hide her feelings either.


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The Expression Queen

Kaavia James must’ve gotten these amazing expressions from her mother, Gabrielle Union, who is an American actress best known for her work in the teen-comedy movie She’s All That and the rom-com 10 Things I Hate About You. She has now launched a successful acting career through hits like The Brothers, Daddy’s Little Girl, and Think Like a Man – but acting isn’t the only thing Union has done.

She is also an author of 4 books, 2 of them happen to be memoirs and the other 2 are children’s books. Union has also been actively using her platform to raise awareness regarding women’s health and the prevailing violence against women. In 2020, she was on the Times’ List of 100 Most Influential People in the World.

Instagram, Gabrielle Union | Just look at this gorgeous trio posing for a family photo!

Side-Eye Look

Gabrielle Union got married to NBA player Dwayne Wade in 2014. The couple welcomed their daughter Kaavia in 2018 through surrogacy. The pictures uploaded by Union feature her daughter and husband but the best part is Kaavia’s expression.

In the first photo, the 3-year-old is seen with her parents looking at the makeup artist, completely unimpressed. Another photo shows Union sitting on outdoor chairs next to Kaavia, while Gabrielle smiles; the young one is having none of it.

Instagram, Gabrielle Union | These photos are enjoyed by the fans and they love the unimpressed look

The Shady Baby

This baby sure has a killer side-eye look. In fact, this look has become Kaavia’s signature and became the inspiration behind the book written by Union and Wade titled Shady Baby in an attempt to remove negativity from the word ‘shady’.

In a joint statement, Wade and Union opened up about creating a book that will allow POC children to envision themselves as heroes, leaders, and fairy tale characters.

Children are so unintentionally hilarious at times, and it comes naturally to them, just like Kaavia’s Side-eye look!