Is “Die Hard” a Christmas Movie? What’s the Debate About?

Is “Die Hard” a Christmas Movie? What’s the Debate About?

Arguments at the dinner table are one of the hallmarks of Christmas. However, one question has been the root of most of these heated arguments and it is: Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie? If you haven’t picked a side yet, then worry not, we will help you. Before we get into the details, let us look at the synopsis.

What was the classic all about?

The movie follows John McClane, a New York police detective who has to visit Holly, his estranged wife. However, a terrorist organization led by the German Hans Gruber attacks Holly’s office headquarters. As John makes sense of it all, his police senses kick in and he decides to save the hostages.

The 1988 movie is an adaptation of Roderick Thorp’s “Nothing Lasts Forever”. John McTiernan has directed the blockbuster movie, which has an IMDb score of 8.2. The movie has given birth to a hit franchise comprising four films.

Let us call the ones who believe that “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie as believers. And we call the people on the other side of the argument non-believers. Now that we have divided the groups, let us look at the facts.

Why do people believe “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie?

You can’t deny the fact that “Die Hard” is set during the Christmas period. Synopsis from Google and IMDb also clearly states that John was meeting his wife on Christmas Eve. This piece of information has enforced believers even more.

The soundtrack of the movie also gives it a Christmas vibe. When we watch an action-thriller, you don’t expect the following songs to be in the movie:

  • Winter Wonderland
  • Let it Snow!
  • Christmas in Hollis
  • Ode to Joy

The non-believers have got a fair point when they talk about the release date. “Die Hard” was released on July 22, 1988, which is nowhere near the Christmas period. Other Christmas classics like “Elf,” “Home Alone,” or “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” were released in November.

Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie or not?

Both sides might not look balanced, but we have a statement from John himself, i.e. Bruce Willis. “Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.” The actor confirmed during an appearance on “The Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis”.

This statement might be a bummer for many fans out there. But there are also many reports which show that people prefer watching “Die Hard” over other classics on Christmas.

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