How Netflix Geeked Summarised Cobra Kai in THIS One Still From The Show Featuring Dan Ahdoot

How Netflix Geeked Summarised Cobra Kai in THIS One Still From The Show Featuring Dan Ahdoot

Being surrounded by one’s fate dates way back to Sophocles Oedipus Rex. Once we are determined to make something right, looking back is not an option. And in that process, we drag all the people who are somehow related to us into the tussle. From Johnny Lawrence to Robby Keene, Bert, and Anoush Norouzi, everyone finds themselves guided and haunted by the conflicting dojos Cobra Kai, Eagle Fangs, and Miyagi-do. And if someone is to summarize Cobra Kai in the least words possible, it is Netflix Geeked. 

Bullies make them strong or resentful?

Cobra Kai opens its first episodes with Miguel being bullied and seeking help from Johnny Lawrence. Samantha, too, decides to learn Miyagi-Do to defend herself from bullies at school. Both the events inspire the two long-standing rivals, Daniel and Johnny, to open their own Dojo. Many kids join these Dojos to learn to fight. Throughout the series of combats and comebacks; these weak children learn to find their own way in this cruel world. 

While Miguel overcomes his fears; Samantha and Robby find their balance. Eli ‘Hawk’ Moskowitz goes through an inspiring transformation and goes on to have a separate fan base. Conversely, children like Tory and Aisha become bully themselves, as they fall into the wrong hands. But in the Netflix show’s season 4 finale, we see many characters getting cold feet. One of the most heartwarming moments was when Robby hugged his father in the abandoned dojo 

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From Cobra Kai to Cobra Kai

Karate is all about discipline, and preachers who take the path of aggression get the worst of it. But is it true of Sensai Kreese’s Dojo?

The series starts with the fall of Johnny Lawrence. Towards the end of season 3, Johnny, Kreese, and Larusso agreed that losers of All Valley Tournament will close their Dojos. One cannot tell if Johnny will abide by the pact or not. But Daniel seems to be the man of his words.

Season 4 witnesses a climax, similar to its beginning, setting many twisted kicks and rapid-fire rounds for season 5. And throughout this journey of wax on and wax off, we as spectators find ourselves doing the kata moves and yelling ‘Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy.’

Furthermore, apart from the senseis, their dojo, and the children, wives, mothers, dads, friends, and co-workers are also dragged into the loopholes of Karate.

Mercy or No Mercy, Life Goes On

The creators have revealed little about what awaits fans in season 5. One can predict Kreese may find some alliance in the jail. We can also assume Kenny’s brother Shawn may also come into play. Anyway, we would surely love to see Ali more. Till then let us find our own inner peace and balance, and make sure that the hero within us accumulates the strength to fight through the dojo of life.


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