Vanessa LaRusso Shares ”3 Generations Of LaRusso Together In One Picture”

Vanessa LaRusso Shares ”3 Generations Of LaRusso Together In One Picture”

What could be a prouder moment for parents than watching their children follow in their footsteps and make it a big hit? Ralph Macchio and his daughter, Julia, have recently opened up about teaming up in Cobra Kai. Julia Macchio, aka Vanessa LaRusso, shared a tweet on 17 January expressing her happiness. It portrays 3 generations of the LaRusso family together in one picture.

Who is Julia Macchio in Cobra Kai?

Cobra Kai follows the story of Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence, 34 years after The All Valley Karate Tournament. Lawrence re-opens his dojo as his very first student, Miguel, makes him realize he can do more than just fixing TVs and water pipes. However, this event brings the long-lost rivalry back into action.

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The series is the spin-off of The Karate Kid movies. However, it doesn’t teach us just the dashing fighting techniques. It also tells us the importance of family, companionship, and proper parenting. We can see it in the household of the LaRusso family throughout the four-hit seasons. The series has received huge appreciation from critics and season 4 was no exception.

The last season was filled with surprises. It introduced us to the Karate Kid 3 villain, Terry Silver. Moreover, Julia Macchio also made a guest appearance this season. She played the role of Vanessa LaRusso, cousin of Daniel LaRusso. Vanessa is a psychology student who gives major parenting advice to the couple as they are concerned about their son, Antony. The psychologist-to-be accuses their reaction towards his behavior to be the root of the problem.

”This reaction is at the root of the problem. You’re acting out,” says Julia, as Vanessa, tells Daniel and Amanda in Season 4 Episode 8. (Julia’s mom is Ralph’s wife of 34 years, Phyllis; she has a younger brother named Daniel.) “I can prove it with a simple test: Now why do you think you love your daughter more than your son?”

The sweet father-daughter moments

In an interview with People, Ralph Macchio boasts about his daughter’s splendid performance. “She knocked it out of the park,” Ralph tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “I was the proud father on set that day. As soon as she ran our first take, everybody was like, ‘Holy crap, she’s got this character.’”

Further, Julia Macchio also appreciates her father’s successful career and mentions that being a daughter of The Karate kid was hard sometimes. At times, she didn’t know how to handle all the fame; but father Ralph Macchio has always kept it sorted for his family. “It’s been so helpful to have a grounded dad who also knows that world,” she says to People. “He’s always been a great, wise resource to have because he’s been involved in this business for so long. He never hesitated to give me advice but has also always supported me having a career [of] my own. So getting to work together on Cobra Kai could not have been a more fun experience.” 

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Moreover, she also mentions that acting is in her blood. “It’s something that I have wanted to do since as long as I can remember. I don’t think there was ever really a moment where I thought of doing anything else. I used to act out Disney movies in our house.” 

The off-screen relationship of this duo.

There is always something special when celebrity parents share screens with their children. But there is something more about this father-daughter duo. The way their lives echo the sentiments of the series is worth the appreciation. In Cobra Kai, we witness the LaRusso family having a close bond with Mr. Miyagi. Daniel LaRusso has kept his spirit alive through his children. Similarly, Pat Morita aka Mr. Miyagi is kept alive in the memories of the Macchio family.

The duo celebrated their success through this Instagram post in which Julia is wearing a Mr. Miyagi T-shirt. Hence, Jula and Macchio’s collaboration exhibits remembrance of those who are lost on this journey of life, both on and off the screen.

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