‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ Characters EXPLAINED

‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ Characters EXPLAINED

Gaming franchises have an enormous fan base, and producing an animated series based on them is pure gold. Netflix has had a lot of success in this area, the most recent one being Arcane, an adaptation from The League of Legends game lore. Meanwhile, another series that proved to be an instant hit for the mega streaming platform was ‘DOTA Dragon’s Blood’ developed by Ashley Edward Miller with Studio Mir and Valve (developer of DOTA 2). Let’s check out the characters of the show. Are they as impressive as the original game?

‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ character personas

The series starts by introducing its strong and brave protagonist, a renowned dragon knight, Davion. He fights an earth-dragon or wyrmling as described in the series and emerges victorious. The series houses a plethora of strong-willed characters fighting for their cause and devotion. From skilled princesses to ferocious dragons, all the characters are to die for. 

The Dragon Knight bound with an Eldwyrm

Davion—The renowned dragon knight, is the protagonist of this series. He carries eternal hatred for the dragons as they had massacred his whole family. However, circumstances lead him to partner up with the dragons (Eldwyrms), as there is a greater evil at large. After being witness to a fight between the demon, Terrorblade, and the Fire Eldwyrm, he finds himself helping the dragon as he senses a far worse evil nature in the demon.

Slyrak—The Fire Eldwyrm gets fatal injuries after his fight with Terroblade. As a result, he binds his soul to that of Davion’s, resurrecting inside Davion’s body. Slyrak is one of the eight Eldwurms alive in the world. A fearsome dragon that breathes fire, his aim throughout the series is to defeat Terrorblade and has no choice but to seek Davion’s help.

Demon who seeks a world rebirth

Terrorblade is a powerful demon looking to collect the souls of all the Eldwyrms. Once he gets his hands on all of them, he would possess the power to rebuild the world in his own infernal image. He can control the minds of living beings and use them according to his will.

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The troubled father

Invoker  is an elven sage dwelling in a hidden castle protected by magic charms. Initially, he doesn’t seem to care much about the outer world.

However, as the series progresses, we find out about his true intentions. He strikes a deal with Terrorblade to defeat his former lover, Goddess Selemene, who is responsible for his daughter, Filomena’s death.

The hateful Goddess

Initially, Goddess Selemene seems of divine and kind nature. However, as the story progresses, we come face to face with her true colors. She is a goddess of the moon ruling the Nightsilver Woods.

Having an army at her disposal, she strikes fear into the hearts of anyone who defies her. Her arrogance knows no bounds, as she is even willing to sacrifice her daughter for her pride.

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Exiled princess of the Nightsilver woods

Mirana is a kind-hearted princess who faces exile as she fails to catch a thief. She wanders the vast plains and forests, searching for the stolen lotuses of Goddess Selemene. Accompanied by her mute companion, Marci, and her vicious pet, Sagan.

The series gets quite interesting when she comes across Davion. Their lives intertwine with each other as they share a quest to help each other and end up having feelings.

This game lore series will prove to be one of the most binge-worthy shows on Netflix. With its crisp narration and engrossing fight scenes, this story is guaranteed to keep you hooked throughout. Watch DOTA: Dragon’s Blood on Netflix right now.

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