Super Bowl Hero David Tyree Helps Us Pick Winners For 2022 NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend

Super Bowl Hero David Tyree Helps Us Pick Winners For 2022 NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend

The 2021 NFL season has been memorable in many ways, including a bizarre Wild Card weekend, but only seven games remain on the calendar. Four of the seven arrive during the Divisional Round this weekend and, in advance of kick-off on Saturday, former New York Giants wide receiver and Super Bowl hero David Tyree chatted with UPROXX to look at the slate. Tyree co-hosts a new sports betting show called “Odds With Ends” that airs on MSG Network every Friday from 5-6 p.m. ET, joining former Giants teammate Mathias Kiwanuka on the program. The duo brings a great deal of background experience from years of service in the NFL, with the show touching on picks, game breakdowns and much more.

This week’s slate of winners will follow in a moment, with a hat-tip to David, but first, let’s check on the progress for the season.

  • Last Week: 2-3
  • 2021 Season: 54-40-1

Come get these winners.

Tennessee Titans (-3.5) over Cincinnati Bengals

The Titans had the week off after earning a bye, but it doesn’t feel like it in the discourse. Cincinnati covered (narrowly) against the Raiders last week and all of the talk is about Cincinnati’s offense. Meanwhile, the Titans have the rest advantage, home-field advantage and the edge in experience. Throw in the fact that the world is on Cincinnati and we have ourselves a “fade the public” favorite pick.

Tyree’s take: “I had two early-season sleepers and it was the Titans and the Cardinals. You hope that the rest works for them, especially in light of Derrick Henry getting rested and coming back. Their defense has been playing lights-out. In my personal opinion, Mike Vrabel has probably been my Coach of the Year… I’m always going to lean experience over talent, too, and that is a case against the Bengals.”

Green Bay Packers (-5.5) over San Francisco 49ers

We were on the wrong side of the Niners last week. That was a mess of a game, but San Francisco getting points was the correct play. At any rate, this is a different animal for the Niners, going to Lambeau Field where the Packers haven’t lost this season. If you follow this column regularly, it’ll seem crazy that I have two favorites in a row, but I think this number should be seven. Lay it.

Tyree’s take: “I picked Green Bay-Tennessee as my Super Bowl matchup. I honestly thought Dallas would beat San Francisco, but I do think it’s going to be an iconic NFL matchup. This is something the NFL is looking for and people should be excited about it. I think the Green Bay defense is a strength, but my hand is tipped at the quarterback position with Aaron Rodgers. It’s Green Bay for me all day.”

Los Angeles Rams (+3) over Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This isn’t a number I love in any direction, but we give out five games per week here, so it’s on the card. Tampa Bay’s injury issues swing the pendulum for me, and facing the Eagles isn’t going to get the Bucs ready to see a much different offense in the Rams. The game might come down to whether Los Angeles can get pressure and disrupt Brady’s timing. I’m betting they can.

Tyree’s take: “I do lean toward experience and what Tom Brady and the Bucs have shown is that there is no amount of adversity they can’t overcome. They decisively beat a young Philadelphia team and I think they know how to win.”

Chiefs (-1.5) over Bills —- Chiefs and Bills UNDER 54 points

Two plays on this game! I think we have to take the Chiefs laying less than a field goal, simply because of market concerns. Buffalo’s beatdown of New England changed the perception for many, and the Bills also beat the Chiefs earlier this season. As such, we’re getting at least one point, maybe more, of value on Kansas City at home. As for the under, it’s more of a principle play than anything else. This is a ton of points in an outdoor venue with two competent defenses involved.

Tyree’s take: “I didn’t expect Buffalo to destroy New England, even if I thought they would win. But the way Kansas City is playing as a team right now is really impressive. I think there are a lot of layers to it and it feels like a toss-up. We’ll see where the line might go before Sunday.”