‘Annabelle: Creation’ Is Now on Netflix – Check Reviews, Cast, Synopsis, and Should You Watch It?

‘Annabelle: Creation’ Is Now on Netflix – Check Reviews, Cast, Synopsis, and Should You Watch It?

With another month comes another stream of movies that Netflix has made available on the platform. A popular name on the list this month is Annabelle: Creation. Find here the cast, synopsis and the answer to ‘should you be watching this horror thriller?

What is the film about?

Annabelle: Creation is a part of the Conjuring universe. The films are all correlated to each other and, needless to say, wildly popular. Annabelle: Creation serves as a prequel to Annabelle. As the title suggests, viewers get to know how a doll that terrorized the Form family and about a million other people in 2014.

Annabelle: Creation not only presents to its viewers with details of how the doll came to be possessed, it also tells viewers how the Higgins’ daughter, Annabelle, is related to the doll.

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The cast of Annabelle: Creation

What makes the film petrifying is the fact that it revolves around a group of children. Watching adults being terrorized by a supernatural presence is haunting enough. Watching children in the same situation is appalling, to say the least. And the cast of Annabelle: Creation certainly did justice to this.

The film stars Stephanie Sigman in the lead role of Sister Charlotte. Fans might remember her from the film Miss Bala. The brilliant child actors in the film include Talitha Bateman as Janice and Lulu Wilson as Linda. Anthony LaPaglia appears as Samuel Mullins and Miranda Otto as Esther Mullins.

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Reviews: did Annabelle: Creation fare better than other horror films? Or was it another inconsequential name on the list?

Many viewers might be under the impression that Annabelle: Creation is just another mainstream horror film. And while mainstream it is, the film certainly still stands out. We’d go as far as to say that it is the best production from The Conjuring universe so far, all prequels and sequels combined.

Unlike The Nun or Annabelle, the film doesn’t rely on jump scares to keep the viewers on edge. Instead, director F Sandberg wanted the suspense and constantly building tension to be the viewers’ source of thrill. His formula certainly seemed to have worked very well as fans largely had only good things to say about the film.

If you have seen the film, you might want to check out Lights Out, which is another horror film directed by Sandberg. If you haven’t, this is your cue to go stream Annabelle: Creation on Netflix now!

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