What to Watch After Money Heist? Check These Best Movies and Shows Like Money Heist

What to Watch After Money Heist? Check These Best Movies and Shows Like Money Heist

Let’s take a moment to mourn because Money Heist is finally over. The gripping tale that hooked the audience, and for five parts and 41 episodes ended with the last season’s release in December 2021. After binge-watching and re-watching all the seasons, viewers are becoming impatient about what to watch next. Which shows of Netflix can satisfy their urge for the next Money Heist? Let’s find out through this list of movies and shows like Money Heist.

White Lines

Money Heist director Alex Pina also created White Lines. So, we can hope that the quality of the show will be as amazing as Money Heist. It is a British-Spanish mystery thriller streaming on Netflix starting from May 15th, 2020. It might be a new show, but it gained a lot of positive critical reviews. Unfortunately, the streaming giant canceled the show after season 1, but we can still the Spanish thriller.

It has many resemblances with Money Heist. The show develops around Zoe, who tries to solve the puzzle of his brother’s disappearance 20 years ago. It has constant flashbacks from the past with a gripping and painstaking narrative, which is similar to the narrative we have seen on Money Heist.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is one of the most popular shows of all time. Out of all the crime shows, only a few ever reached the same level of acclaim as this one. The show develops around a young drug addict and a middle-school chemistry teacher who dabbles in the illegal world of methamphetamine manufacturing. The show is streaming on Netflix.

Money Heist has The Professor with his nerdy glasses look and genius mind, and so does Breaking Bad with Walter White’s iconic character. However, in the show White is actually a teacher in high school.

Evil Genius

Evil Genius is a 2018 true crime documentary series about the death of Brian Wells, a high-profile 2003 incident. The show differs greatly from Money Heist, but it gave us a sneak peek of a real bank-robbery heist and the entire process of the heist.

The robbery case is also referred to as the “collar bomb” or “pizza bomber” case. Netflix released the show way back in May 2018 and divided the story into four incredible parts. If you loved the heist planning in the Spanish show, this docuseries will give you a realistic look into the same.

Dirty Money

Just like Evil Genius, Netflix‘s Dirty Money is also a docuseries that focuses on the real-life investigation and a completely new story with every episode. Each episode focuses on money, whether it comes from any heist, robbery, fraud, corruption, laundering, or betting, showcasing how it is easy for money to go dirty.

But, unlike Money Heist, this show is not fiction, it’s absolutely real.

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Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier is a star-studded Netflix thriller, where the plot develops around a group of Special Forces soldiers who decide to rob millions in cartel cash from a drug lord’s hideout.

Just like Money Heist, this action movie has some big upsets in the story with a shocking twist.

Which of these movies and shows like Money Heist have you watched? Let us know your favorite in this list in the comments down below.

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