Obsessed With Isabelle And Prince Thomas? Check These Movies Like ‘The Royal Treatment’

Obsessed With Isabelle And Prince Thomas? Check These Movies Like ‘The Royal Treatment’

On one fine summer night, when stars were dancing in their little ballet dress and the moon sang to them My My Delilah; His Highness, Prince Thomas, met a hairdresser, Izzy, and their destiny was traced. This may sound cheesy at times, but don’t we all crave a romance like this every now and then? Hence, if you are up for some cute, feel-good romance, we are here with the best movies like The Royal Treatment. 

The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement

There comes a time in our life when we have to choose a significant other. Many a time, societal norms suppress us to follow our hearts. Freshly Graduated Princess Mia of Geneva goes through a similar discourse. Whilst she is still training to take over her duties as a Queen, she is now expected to marry before the coronation.

Although her frizzy-haired clumsiness is far removed, she has everything a girl would dream of, except a fairy-tale romance. Will she find true love? Will her prince-to-be marry her for love over status? Or she will be yet another victim of a pile-up of expectations! Watch this beautiful movie to find out.

Cinderella (2015)

When your intentions are pure, and your heart in the right direction; no one can stop you from having the best. Cinderella is not just the story of a common girl leaving her crystal shoe behind for her Prince to find his way back to her. It is also a story that tells us that the real Princess is within one’s self. It is a story that teaches us to do good and good will come to us in ethereal ways.

Upon her mother’s unfortunate death, and later father’s on an errand to far-off counties, Ella had to live with her wealthy but cunning aunt. Lady Tremaine left no coin unturned till she sucked every once of Ella’s beauty and fortune. But her little finger possessed more kindness than the entire body of other human beings. Despite her aunt’s staunch efforts, Ella finds her way to the grand ball. There’s magic, mice, goose, and pumpkin chariot. Her Prince finds her, and we know that while her kindness will bring bounties to the kingdom, her courage will make her an elegant queen.

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The Princess Switch

If you have ordered a hopeless romantic film, a simple and sweet Christmas romance flick this valentine; The Princess Switch has to be in your cart.

We always wonder how life would be, if we were this person, or had such a life. Well, what if you get to switch your identity with a royal duchess for 48 hours? The movie follows Duchess Margaret Delacourt and her look-alike, a Chicago commoner as they switch their identities for two whole days. What follows is truly romantic, scintillating, and ludicrous. It is like having a chocolate delight with your beloved after a delicious dinner. Watch this amazing movie on Netflix today or perhaps on Valentine’s day.

The Prince And Me

Great love comes after hatred. The movie follows a regular pre-med student at the University of Wisconsin, and Crown Prince Edvard, who pretends to be Eddie and enrolls in the college. Paige earlier dislikes his careless behavior, but later both fall for each other, and a bitter-sweet romance takes place.

Will Paige, as a commoner, be accepted into the royal family? Also, will she forget about her dream of being a doctor? Watch the movie to find out.

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All in all, a romance that feels like a fairy-tale; A royal family and a commoner; determined women, and hopeless romantic princes, all this will give you The Royal Treatment like feels and extravaganza. As you watch these movies like The Royal Treatment, let us know in the comment section, which one did you fell in love with.

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