Check Out These Hilarious Outtakes From ‘The Royal Treatment’

Check Out These Hilarious Outtakes From ‘The Royal Treatment’

Everyone loves the bloopers of the movies or a series they love. There is something outrageously funny about seeing professional actors messing up their scenes. And sometimes, the audience finds the outtakes funnier than the actual scene. Thus, Netflix has provided us with the bloopers from The Royal Treatment. 

As fans, we do not get to see the actors acting like their true selves on sets. Thus, the bloopers provide a bridge for the fans to know more about the actors and the actors’ chemistry with other actors. So, let us look at the bloopers.

The Royal Treatment bloopers

Netflix uploaded a three-minute-long video showing the actors breaking their characters. The leads of the film, Laura Marano (Izzy) and Mena Massoud (Prince Thomas), broke their characters more often than others. Other actors also did their best to give competition to the lead pair but were nowhere close to them.

Fans showered praises for the cast in the comment section of the video. And then there were the regulars who demanded Netflix release a sequel to the comedy movie. Although there is no news regarding a sequel, such support from fans has made a strong case for the movie. Thus, Netflix will ideally give it a thought.

More behind-the-scenes from the star of the film

If the Netflix bloopers were too short for you, Mena Massoud (Prince Thomas) also uploaded a behind-the-scenes video on his channel. The behind-the-scenes video was 206-seconds long and featured Mena’s co-stars. Furthermore, the actor has added beautiful drone shots of New Zealand, which will mesmerize you.

More than a behind-the-scenes video, it looks like a vlog, as Laura and Mena show the castle they filmed at. All the tech nerds will enjoy the video as it showcases many technical pieces of equipment like the Steadicam. Apart from Laura, the video also features Amanda Billing (Valentina), Cameron Rhodes (Walter), and Chelsie Preston Crayford (Destiny).

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If fans spam Mena’s YouTube video for more behind-the-scenes videos, the actor might just oblige. Fans are praising Mena’s efforts and expressing their love for the movie.

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The Royal Treatment is streaming on Netflix.

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