4 Reasons You Must Watch Twenty-Five, Twenty-One

4 Reasons You Must Watch Twenty-Five, Twenty-One

K-Drama writers have blessed us with another drama that marks the return of Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk to the dramaland. Twenty-Five Twenty-One promises a breezy romance filled with some heartfelt moments. Only two episodes have aired so far and fans are already loving the chemistry and the ridiculous situations that Kim Tae Ri’s character finds herself in.

The drama chronicles the effect of the IMF crises on Naa Hee Do and Baek Ye Jin in the 1990s. The IMF crisis not only caused a global economy to collapse but it also snatched the dreams away of so many of the youths. This is a story about them. 

Here are a few reasons why you should not miss out on the show!

Kim Tae Ri is a delight to watch 

The last drama Kim Tae Ri starred in was 2018’s, Mr. Sunshine. Penned by Kim Eun Sook, the drama was a huge success, breaking all the records, but it already feels like a thousand years have passed since Tae Ri has been on our TV screens. She plays a young and spirited 18-year-old girl, Na Hee Do. She is a little over the top, but just like Baek Yi Jin, we love that! 

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Nam Jo Hyuk is the charming mature school senior 

The actor is back after he made us all root for him in Start Up. He plays Baek Ye Jin, who had his life uprooted when his father’s company became bankrupt. Squelching his dreams, he now works several part-time jobs to make ends meet.

A fresh take on the 90s

Twenty-Five Twenty-One takes place in 1998. A time when people used instant messaging, beepers, and DVD rental was still a thing. From the first two episodes, it already feels like a love letter to the 90s. 

The show highlights fencing

We often see football and baseball get representation on shows and movies but how often do we see movies about fencing? Twenty-Five Twenty-One pits two fencers, who have a childhood connection against each other. 

The creators want this drama to comfort the young people that are struggling today and remind the old of the joys of being young. The tone is light and the colors are pretty, and Nam Joo Hyuk’s smile is enough for you to tune in!

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