Capcom Has A Countdown On Their Website, Could It Be Related To ‘Resident Evil’?

Capcom Has A Countdown On Their Website, Could It Be Related To ‘Resident Evil’?

On Monday, people started to notice a countdown that had appeared on Capcom’s website. The countdown had no explanation and simply said that there were six days and multiple hours left until something occurred. What was this something? Everyone had ideas, but so far nothing about the countdown has leaked out so the best everyone has been able to do is guess what the countdown means.

The prevailing theory right now though is that it has something to do with Resident Evil. Rumors have been swirling about a potential remake for Resident Evil 4 and this could very well be what the countdown is supposed to be related to. This theory gained a little bit of extra weight when the Twitter account for Resident Evil started teasing out info with the same imagery as the Resident Evil 4 pause menu.

However, on Tuesday the Twitter account announced the addition of multiple games to their Resident Evil history page. It’s possible this Resident Evil info could have nothing to do with the countdown itself and could just be a big coincidence between the two. With Resident Evil being one of the biggest Capcom IPs it makes sense that fans would connect a random countdown to the franchise.

If it ends up not being Resident Evil then it would be fun for the countdown to be related to some news about Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, or maybe even Megaman. There are plenty of franchises to pull from here and we’re excited to see what this ends up being.