Inventing Anna Cast: Where Have You Seen Them Before?

Inventing Anna Cast: Where Have You Seen Them Before?

Inventing Anna, Netflix’s latest series premiered to mixed reviews. While some viewers loved taking a look at swindler Anna Devley’s life, for others, it left a bad taste in their mouths. Regardless, viewers were treated to an array of familiar faces. Was it intentional? Yes, it was. Executive producer, Shonda Rhimes cast many familiar actors who have been regular on other Shondaland projects like How to Get Away With Murder and Grey’s Anatomy to name some. Let’s look at each major Inventing Anna cast members and see where we know them from.

Jeff Perry

Jeff Perry played Meredith Grey’s father in Grey’s Anatomy. He is estranged from her daughter but that doesn’t stop him from spending too much time at the hospital. He was also the chief of staff of first President Grant and Vice president in Scandal. In Inventing Anna, he plays Lou, a Manhattan magazine journalist. This is a complete 180 degree from his murderous character in Scandal. 

Anna Deavere Smith

In both For The People and Inventing Anna, Anna is fiercely protective of something- in the former, it is the justice system and in the second it is Vivian Kent. 

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Marika Domiñczyk

Marika continuous to play glamorous roles in both Grey’s Anatomy and Inventing Anna. In Grey’s Anatomy, she is a hospital consultant who takes a keen interest in sports medicine. In Inventing Anna, she plays a lifestyle mogul. 

Katie Lowes 

Fans of Shondaland will recognize Katie Lowes from Scandal, where she plays a legal associate at Olivia Pope & Associates. In Inventing Anna she plays Anna Devley‘s friend.

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Kate Burton 

Shona reduced the Scandal’s vice-president-turned-TV-show-host into a mere shopaholic who loves the brand Bergdorf. She soon becomes Anna and Chase’s patron in the show. Fans of Grey’s Anatomy will immediately recognize her as Meredith Grey’s infuriating mother.

Debra Mooney 

Mooney’s characters in Grey’s Anatomy and Inventing Anna has a hard time understanding why anybody would want or wouldn’t want to do something. She also portrayed the role of a Supreme Court justice in Scandal.

Inventing Anna is currently streaming on Netflix. The limited Netflix series has only 10 episodes so far. The series stars Julia Garner as Anna Devley. She posed as a rich German heiress and conned the New York’s Upper East elites out of their money.

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