Is ‘St. Vincent’ Movie Available on Netflix? Where to Watch?

Is ‘St. Vincent’ Movie Available on Netflix? Where to Watch?

Subscribers of Netflix have been waiting for the film St. Vincent for a long time. Is the St. Vincent movie on Netflix? If it is available, in which regions the film was available? These are some of the questions swimming in their minds. In this article, we will answer all you questions. So, read ahead.

What St. Vincent is about?

St. Vincent is a 2014 American comedy, a feel-good film by Theodore Melfi, starring Bill Murray as the protagonist and Melissa McCarthy, Jaeden Lieberher, Naomi Watts, Chris O’Dowd, and Terrence Howard. They released the film back at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.

The film was even nominated for the People’s Choice Award and won the second runner-up position. The Sydney Morning Herald claims, “It’s a cliche, but cliches go on existing only because they go on being refreshed, and Bill Murray and friends bring this one back to life with deadpan flair and a vigilant eye for any disfiguring taint of sentimentality.” 

The film may seem to be based on a true story, but it’s not. However, the film is inspired by some life events that happened with Melfi. Melfi and his wife adopted his brother’s daughter after he passed away.

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In an interview with azcentral, he said, “Her sophomore year, in her world-religion class, she gets a homework assignment: Find a Catholic saint that inspires you. And find someone in your everyday life that mimics the qualities of that saint, and draw a comparison. She picked St. William of Rochester, the patron saint of adopted children, and she picked me. And that’s the entire movie.”

The film has the overall same story. Maggie, a single mother struggling with her young son and moves to Brooklyn. With the pressure of her work, she left her kid with her old next-door neighbor, Vincent. But to her surprise, he takes him to the horse race, strip club, bar, and many more places not appropriate for a young kid. With their journey, old Vincent and young Oliver became friends in their distinct way.

Is St. Vincent available on Netflix?

St. Vincent is available on Netflix, but not in every region. The film is available on Netflix in the regions like the USA, Canada, Germany, South Korea, and Austria.

If you like a heartwarming story of humans finding connections in the least likely place possible, then St. Vincent will be a great watch for you. You can stream this movie on Netflix.

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