Check These Shailene Woodley Movies and Shows Streaming on Netflix

Check These Shailene Woodley Movies and Shows Streaming on Netflix

Shailene Woodley is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood right now. She first started to gain popularity starring in films like The Fault in our Stars and the Divergent series. Apart from drama and romcoms, Woodley has done some really great work in critically acclaimed films. Netflix has some of the best works of Shailene Woodley that you should definitely check out!

Shailene Woodley Movies and Shows on Netflix

Here are some of Shailene Woodley movies that you can stream currently on Netflix:

The Last Letter from your lover(2021)

The film is an adaptation of Jojo Moyes’s novel The Last Letter from Your Lover. It follows the lives and relationships of two ladies who lived in London in separate eras. The first, Ellie Haworth, is a journalist in 2003 who, while investigating the 1960s, comes finds a batch of love letters. The letters recount the narrative of Jennifer Stirling, the wealthy industrialist’s wife, and her passionate love with Anthony O’Hare, a troubled foreign journalist. Circumstances and social tradition combine to keep them apart, despite their love. Ellie locates Jennifer and Anthony in 2003 using the letters, and the lovers reconcile after a 40-year separation.

The film is a genuine tear-jerker romance that will both ruin and make your day. It stars Felicity Jones, Shailene Woodley, and Callum Turner in leading roles. You can stream the film here.


Tris discovers she is Divergent and will not belong in a world divided by factions based on values. Tris and the mysterious Four must figure out what makes Divergents dangerous before it’s too late when they discover a conspiracy to exterminate them.

It is an exciting sci-fi that will crave your hunger for action as well as meaningful drama. It is available on Netflix US and UK.


Tris, Four, and the rest of her comrades are fleeing from the brutal Jean Matthews and her Erudite group and have taken sanctuary in the Amity fortress. Tris finds that the Erudite are gaining strength while she is there, and she determines that she must confront her inner anxieties and decide how to preserve her home.

The film picks off where its predecessor finishes. The addition of Kate Winslet to the movie ups the level making it an exciting watch.


Picking up shortly after the incidents of Insurgent id the final installment in the Divergent series, Allegiant. In the film, Tris must escape with Four beyond the wall that encircles Chicago after the earth-shattering discoveries of Insurgent to understand the horrific reality of the world around them ultimately.

Noami Watts brings her poignant acting skills to the screen, giving the series its well-deserved conclusion. Available on Netflix; stream the movie now!


Tami Oldham Ashcraft and her fiance, Richard Sharp, were recruited in September 1983 to captain a 44-foot sailboat on a 4,000-mile voyage from Tahiti to San Diego. They ran into Hurricane Raymond, a tropical cyclone that had been developing in strength for several weeks, around midway through their trans-Pacific adventure. Sharp was washed overboard, lost in the tremendous waves, as they fought to manage the boat in 145-knot gusts. Despite having a head injury and the ship is seriously damaged, Ashcraft could jerry-rig a sail and then navigate her way to Hawaii—manually, using a sextant and a watch over. It took her an incredible 41 days. Peanut butter was her only source of nutrition. Ashcraft published a book on her experience in 2002 called  Red Sky, from which the movie is adapted.

The film tells us the power of human survival in highly miserable conditions. If you are looking for inspiration and encouragement, Adrift is a perfect watch.

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