Why You Should Watch 21 Jump Street (2012) Streaming on Netflix

Why You Should Watch 21 Jump Street (2012) Streaming on Netflix

21 Jump Street on Netflix is a 2012 American thriller action comedy film by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. The plot develops around two cops who relived their high school days with lots of investigation and adventure. The 1987 television series of the same name inspired the film.

The film was premiered on March 16th, 2012 at theaters, which was an enormous success worldwide. It has received a lot of positive critical comments grossed $201 million worldwide. In 2014, a sequel was released titled 22 Jump Street.

Who all are in 21 Jump Street?

The cast of 21 Jump Street has so many superstars under one roof. Their amazing acting and coordination make the film much more intense. The cast includes Jonah Hill as Morton Schmidt, Channing Tatum as Greg Jenko, Brie Larson as Molly Tracey, Dave Franco as Eric Molson, Rob Riggle as Mr. Walters, DeRay Davis as Domingo, Ice Cube as Captain Dickson, Dax Flame as Zack, Chris Parnell as Mr. Gordon, Ellie Kemper as Ms. Griggs, Jake Johnson as Principal Dadier, Nick Offerman as Deputy Chief Hardy, and Holly Robinson Peete as Officer Judy Hoffs.

What’s so special about 21 Jump Street?

The official synopsis of 21 Jump Street read as, “When two rookie cops go undercover to probe a drug ring at their former high school, they’re forced to face unresolved issues from their teen years. When two cops go undercover as high school students to bust a drug ring, they get schooled. Big time.”

21 Jump Street is one of the best high-school comedies of all time.

The synthetic drug trade has entered the roots of America. From school to university, students are coming in contact with drugs. The entire world is facing these problems because of this trade. Drugs are pushing the students, who will be the future generation, into darkness. This is when two underachieving cops get a mission to mingle with the students and bust the drug ring.

But, 21 Jump Street is not available on American Netflix. In the future, if it will be on Netflix, we promised we will keep you posted.

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