YOU: Love and Theo – Here’s Their Complete Story and What If?

YOU: Love and Theo – Here’s Their Complete Story and What If?

Season three of YOU didn’t exactly have many googly-eyed couples. Sherry and Cary were an extremely flawed couple, and so were Natalie and Matthew Engler and even the protagonists Joe and Love. But among these very disturbing couples, there was a relatively less disturbing couple in the third season of YOU- Love and Theo.

Apart from the very obviously problematic age difference and power imbalance, not to mention, Love’s murderous tendencies and on-and-off obsession for Joe, the two really were quite adorable together. Actress Victoria Pedretti who plays Love Quinn and actor Dylan Arnold who plays Theo Engler in the Netflix series are dating in real-life and the chemistry was quite visible on the show as well.

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While Joe and Love were quite the soulmates, they had undeniable problems in their relationship. And while Joe was busy being a frankly terrible husband, Theo and Love met each other. So began their relationship- a teenager obsessed with his murderous neighbor. The dynamic of their relationship was complicated, to say the least. But Love offered Theo comfort and understanding and Theo offered to her validation, something no one else could do.

Things were never really smooth for them but could have been had Love accepted his offer to run away. Despite knowing about all the bad things she’s done, Theo offers to elope with Love. The third season of YOU could’ve ended differently if the couple had left Joe behind. The possibility of a full-fledged romance went down slightly when she attempted to kill him and then completely vanished when she was killed herself.

Love and Theo- a saga of what-ifs

But what if Love hadn’t smashed Theo’s head with a fire extinguisher? Better yet, what if she had said yes to all of Theo’s plans? Could things have ended differently by the end of season 3 of the Netflix Original?

Love and Theo both come from rich families and have resources. They could easily start over elsewhere as Joe and Love did in Madre Linda. Theo is just as foolhardy as Love when in love, something that was a problem in her relationship with Joe. They share similar childhoods and have already bonded over common issues and problems. The two certainly can have fun together. There might be times when they’re as joyful as they were while riding Theo’s scooter in a park.

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So, the possibilities of them being happy together in this make-believe world aren’t low either. But, alas, Love decided to casually try killing Theo and while we discover that he is alive, Love has been killed herself. So, how true these speculations are, we may never know.

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