Shocking Secrets About Love Is Blind on Netflix

Shocking Secrets About Love Is Blind on Netflix

Do you ever imagine that you’ll find your potential partner in just ten days and be married to live happily ever after? Sound quite impossible. But this really happens in Netflix’s Love is Blind. Fancy right? After two years, Season 2 is finally here on the streaming giant and is already kicking off its intensity. Love is Blind season 2 begins with thirty single participants from Chicago, have entered the house to find their would-be partner.

The show will again host by Vanessa and Nick Lachey, who will guide them throughout their journey. But not everything is rainbow and unicorns in this show. There are some surprising secrets which you will be shocked to know. So, before streaming season 2 of Love is Blind, don’t forget to check out these secrets of the dating show.

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All the surprising secrets you need to know about Love is Blind season 2

#1. Love is Blind is the culmination of different dating shows like Married At First Sight, The Bachelors, and many more. In a conversation with E!, the creator of the show Chris Coelen, shared the question that became the foundation of the show. If you started with a pure love that was focused on just who that person was, could that love stand the test of time and survive the outside world?

#2. The show always started with 40 to 50 single people. But during the course of filming, the crew and the creator of the show mainly focus on those people who can able to connect and find their potential partners. Some participants may go, and they end up with 20 to 25 participants.

#3. The initial dates following a rotation system of the speed dating culture, where everyone can spend 10 minutes with the other person from the opposite sex. But if you click with someone, there is no time limit.

#4. Not all the couples who are engaged are shown in the show. As per the creator, they wanted to tell a diverse story. He explains, “We weren’t sure where the stories were going to go, everybody felt like they truly found the person they wanted to spend their life with and we had an abundance of the story…we just didn’t have time in the show to follow them, which is incredible to me.”

#5. Not all the engaged couples in the house last. A prime example of this are Rory Newbrough and Danielle Drouin. They broke their engagement after Danielle expresses she still has feelings for Matt.

#6. The youngest participant in the show, Mark, has a secret girlfriend. But he denied it.

#7. Kelly and Kenny want to continue dating each other and have no plans to get married in the end. So, when they reached the altar, Kenny explained he was not emotionally available for a wedding. Needless to say Kelly felt very rejected.

Love is Blind season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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