Lewis Tan Took Notes From Jackie Chan for THIS Fistful of Vengeance Fight Sequence

Lewis Tan Took Notes From Jackie Chan for THIS Fistful of Vengeance Fight Sequence

Netflix is full of action movies and series. Fistful of Vengeance, which was added to Netflix just a few days ago, is one such action-filled entry in the library. Simply put, anyone into martial arts will fall in love with this movie, as it is rife with several engaging and stylishly design fight sequences. Lewis Tan, who is known for his action sequences in Mortal Kombat, reprises his Wu Assassins role in this film. Thus, it is no surprise that Fistful of Vengeance is equally packed with awe-inspiring fight scenes.

The Jackie Chan-inspired scene from Fistful of Vengeance

Recently, Lewis Tan, a lead cast from the film tweeted a behind the scene clip from the film with a caption that showed the actor’s adoration for Jackie Chan. Moreover, the actor claims to have been inspired by Chan’s way of fighting using props and set pieces in films.

Jackie Chan smartly uses props and his environment to fight a scene. By using props and environment, it is more believable for the viewers, and the whole action scene is just not intense but rather fun. Chan mostly uses tables, folding chairs, papers, sticks, scaffolding, and ladders. In Jackie Chan’s First Strike, he even wears bright yellow overalls, to make the scene comical. Therefore, it is no wonder than Tan found his inspiration for action scenes in Chan.

He posted a video of his clip from Fistful of Vengeance, where he is using props just like Jackie Chan. From the trailer and the clip, we are very sure that the entire film is packed up with action moves that going to blow your mind.

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Lewis Tan on action-scenes in the Netflix film

The plot of the film develops around Kai Jin, Lu Xin Lee, and Tommy Wah, who landed in Bangkok, Thailand to seek revenge for Tommy’s sister. This film is the sequel of the Netflix original series Wu Assassins. At the end of the series, Tommy’s sister mysteriously died in a tragic event. From this tweet of Lewis Tan, we can guess the effort taken to learn those martial art moves for the film.

In an interview with Nerds and Beyond, Lewis Tan claims it is good to be back. The sequel film makes more sense than another season of Wu Assassins on Netflix. The movie makes the action scenes more condensed and better, which is easy to digest for the viewers. Tan also explains, “We took some of the weak points and made them better. And then we took the strong points and, just like amplified it, put it on steroids. So, it’s like a literally… like a non-stop action film from the first 10 minutes. It just goes to the end.”

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