LOVE HARD Song: When Natalie Tries to Impress Tag by Singing “I’d Do Anything for Love”

LOVE HARD Song: When Natalie Tries to Impress Tag by Singing “I’d Do Anything for Love”

It had been so long since we got an actually good Rom-Com movie. Netflix knew the craving we had for such content and treated us with a movie centered on the holiday theme. Love Hard was probably the perfect movie to kick-start the holidays. A movie that revolves around a girl trying to find love during the most beautiful time of the year is exactly what we wanted to see (and also do). The movie sure is an amazing watch, but it also lets you enjoy some hidden talents of the cast, one of which is Nina Dobrev singing a song.

Love Hard song: A revival of a Grammy award-winning solo

You’d think that a song in a rom-com movie is probably going to be a pop music number, but this is not the case with this Netflix Original movie; instead, the movie brings back the Grammy award-winning rock solo by the late singer Meat Loaf. Written by Jim Steinman, the song was first released in the year 1993. It is not every day that you get to hear someone sing a classic Rock song this well, but the very talented The Vampire Diaries actress has done justice to it. 


I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” marked the comeback of Meat Loaf and was also the lead single for his album Bat Out Of Hell II: Back into Hell. The song won the Grammy Award for Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance in the year 1994 at the 36th Annual Grammy Awards. Actress Nina Dobrev really stunned all of us when she sang this song splendidly (Yes, it is actually Nina singing and not a voice-over).

A song to woo Tag

There are very few reasons a character sings a song in a movie; one of the biggest reasons is, of course, to seek attention from someone. Natalie (Dobrev) sees the opportunity and gets ready to sing a song to get Tag’s (played by Darren Barnet) attention, saying, “The roof might not be my child but I’m still gonna raise it,” while gulping down shots. She actually nails the performance and everyone cheers her (but with a minor discomfort on their faces).

Turns out, throughout the entire performance, Natalie had a swollen face thanks to the traces of kiwi in the drinks she had just a minute ago. Her allergy to the fruit is pretty clear with the swollen face of hers, and the second she looks in the mirror she runs away in humiliation.

This little Love Hard song was really a fun moment to see in the movie. And now that Meatloaf is no more between us, this now is a rather fond memory we can have for his greatest song ever. Lets us know your favorite parts from this Netflix film in the comments below.


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