Space Force Cast Solves Season 2 Cliffhanger Questions and Reveals Their Characters’ Future – Check More Details

Space Force Cast Solves Season 2 Cliffhanger Questions and Reveals Their Characters’ Future – Check More Details

There’s an astronaut craving pizza midway to the red planet in season 2 of Netflix’s Space Force. Hilarious right? Well, that’s exactly the goal of showrunners and stars in the force! Sitcom meets sci-fi in this Netflix original that revolves around the titular agency. It brings together young, bright, and witted scientists and military strategists to work in the space industry and take care of everything that’s going around in the universe.

The season 2 finale

In the season 2 finale of the Space Force, we see General Mark Naird walk out of a conviction. But the industry faces budget cuts and is in jeopardy with its ongoing mars mission. However, throughout the seven hilarious episodes, things take a positive turn. Well, that is until the seventh one, which brings a big cliffhanger from the seventh world. Trust us when we say a BIG ONE! So much big that the team felt the need to sing Naird’s personal stress booster, the Kokomo song by beach boys. An asteroid is hitting the earth, as seen from the company’s newest acquisition, the Hawaii Telescope.

With such a big cliffhanger lingering over our heads, fans are already anticipating the third season of this sitcom. Interestingly, the actors recently opened up about a potential third season. And we are here to share the same with you. So hang in our orbit for a little while.

Space Force cast is excited to have another season

In a recent interview with PopCulture, Space Force actors including Jimmy O. Yang and Ben Schwarts opened up about the possible future of the Space Force team. And they seemed to be rather excited. For instance, Yang said in the interview how he wants the sequel to be pretty much similar. “Oh man, I would just be so happy to do another season like this one. Everybody just gets to hang and then come up with really fun storylines that services every single character and really play to our comedic strength. So I don’t know, I guess we’ll have to go figure it out,” Yang told PopCulture.

Further, his co-star Ben has bigger plans for the same. He certainly wants it to be big like the Asteroid! He said, “I would love it to either be a season that feels like [this] or just be a big, cool movie because that’s almost what it lends itself to, without spoiling it at the end of it.” Apparently, he wants all of them to shine as kind of heroes or maybe, failures.

As of Newsome, she wants her character to start some ill-advised business and drag her Space Force friends into it, to add a little fun to the show. But majorly, she wants her character to go and take therapy. “I think she needs it. I think it’s interesting that she didn’t get any help after going to the moon,” she said. Notably, young also asserted on having the best cast any T.V. show could have. While speaking on the writing and performance dynamics, he said, “It’s an ensemble family dynamic and really building the arcs and growing the relationships.”

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Space Force season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. If you have already watched this witty sci-fi show; Do let us know in the comment section what do you expect from these actors in a potential spinoff season or movie.


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