You Finale Explained by Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti)

You Finale Explained by Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti)

As YOU has ended with Season 3, the actress Victoria Pedretti who played the role of Love Quinn, explained the show, You Season 3 ending in her own words. The show always reminds me of a famous line by the couple-therapist in Season 3. The therapist tells Joe and Love, “You are many things but you are not murderers.” We guess the therapist is many things but just not right.

Joe and Love are two beings just perfectly “made for each other“, who are also the protagonists from the Netflix Original series You. Their epic romantic story is murderous in nature. It is complicated for them to run the marriage with a baby boy if they are troubled with themselves in the first place.

How did you expect the show to end where two obsessive murderers, married to each other, pretend to live like a happy family?

Caution: Murders can never be the grounds of a happy and healthy married life. It’s obvious, isn’t it? LOL!

Love aka Victoria Pedretti

Victoria Pedretti, who played the role of Love Quinn, illustrates the YOU season 3 ending from her perspective and how to read this new and final season. She explains to Elle, that she loved the show’s ending. For her, the ending is a perfect mixture of tragedy, beauty, and also a bit of a warning towards the importance of being authentic for yourself. One should always fight for themselves first.

The character of Love is very tough, and Victoria has some strong opinions about it. Love Quinn is a young, first-time mother, starting a new life in a new suburb with new neighbors. Pedretti connects with the character of Love as a mother. She describes how far a mother can go to protect her kid. She tells Glamour, “When you’re a mother, you do whatever it takes for your children. Her child could presumably have a nice life without their psychopath father. [But] she was motivated by love and these expectations she has for the family she wants.

About the show’s twists and surprises, Pedretti says, “I feel like I really don’t attach myself to thinking that I can predict what’s going to happen, and I kind of anticipate and expect to be surprised with the way in which things go down.”

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Joe and Love

Love can go all the way for Joe. Nothing can really stop her. They mended her character this way, that she always likes to protect broken things just like her brother, Forty, and repair them with all her heart. But, after all the things she does for Joe, and when he still does not love her, it is easy to murder him and find her real self and her true desires. Discovering Joe’s infidelity, Love decides to inject him with poison in order to paralyze him. So, that she can hold on to him forever.

But, the conversation between Mariene and Love, makes her realize that she deserves a better life. Pedretti says, “The way we treat others is directly related, I believe, to how we treat ourselves. And so much of the show is about these people who, instead of doing the hard work, they find this “easy”—and I say that in quotations—option of just murdering people as if that will ever be a fully satisfying solution for these issues they have within themselves.”

But, Joe survives and kills Love instead, which led him to fake his own death, burning his house down, and walk free from all, again. Victoria Pedretti claims that she relates to the character of Joe. She explains that we don’t take responsibility for our mistakes. She somehow sympathizes with Joe because our ‘ego’ runs our life.

Pedretti believes that Love is dead for sure, she can not return like Candace. She says, “But I think she’s dead. I don’t know. But I’m pretty, pretty positive. It’s sad. I definitely loved her a lot.” 

Pedretti explains the last scene and the character of Love. Love is not focusing on herself, what she needs. She is using other people related to her life as catalysts to give purpose to live her life, which also includes her baby. Both Love and Joe suffer from a deep sense of insecurity, that’s why the audience sympathizes with them.

How did you like the YOU season 3 ending? Did it live up to your expectations? Tell us in the comments below!

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