Horror Movies Based on Halloween on Netflix

Horror Movies Based on Halloween on Netflix

When one hears Halloween, the word “Horror” follows. With this, it is safe to say that streaming giant Netflix knows exactly how to tap on your fear. From its vast collection, we have made a handpicked list of the best Halloween movies on Netflix for you, figuratively of course. But this might ease the burden for you.

Hubie Halloween

We start with an easy one that would only leave you breathless because of the laughs, as Adam Sandler and Julie Bowen star in it. The story follows a quirky, dedicated community volunteer who falls victim to his fellow citizens’ mockery and nastiest pranks. But finds himself in the middle of an actual probe, for a real killer on October 31st in Salem, Massachusetts.


It stars Campbell as Sidney Prescott, a high school student in the fictional town of Woodsboro, California. Sidney becomes the target of a mysterious murderer dressed in a Halloween mask known as Ghostface.

Half the people you see on Halloween have the Scream mask on, as these masks have been lifesavers for the lazy folks. Scream, one of the best slasher genre movies, not only satirizes the genre but also combines dark comedy beautifully.

Fear Street Trilogy

Netflix released Fear Street, a horror trilogy in 2021, which had all the ingredients for horror movies like witches, zombies, and serial killers. The plot revolves around a group of youngsters who are working to cure a centuries-old curse that has plagued their town called Shadyside. Based on R. L. Stine’s book series of the same name, Leigh Janiak directs this film, which pays tribute to the horror genre. The reincarnated killers with the gory scenes can scare the toughest of all.


What would you do if you were in the woods alone and a killer tried to murder you? In addition, you are deaf. You must have felt helpless, but Hush is a story about a deaf writer who fights to survive in such a dire situation.

This mask is way creepier than Ghostface from Scream, and the Mike Flanagan-directed movie went for the same aesthetic. Kate Siegel stars in this horror thriller movie.

Monster House

This one is for the kids, but adults can enjoy the animated comedy movie. Three teens find that their next-door neighbor is a monster that despises children. They eventually decide to murder the house’s heart by destroying it. The CGI of the movie differs from other animated movies, and it leads to better quality acting on screen.

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