Red Notice Sequel: Can the Film Be Turned Into a Franchise Like F&F?

Red Notice Sequel: Can the Film Be Turned Into a Franchise Like F&F?

‘Red Notice’ is an action-heist movie that tells the story of two of the best art thieves in the world and an FBI agent. The film stars some of the biggest names from the entertainment industry; Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Now, ever since this movie made its way to Netflix it has been a talking point, as fans have loved the three stars working together and in action. And now that we have a Red Notice sequel(s) coming up, the question is can this become a franchise?

It is a valid question to have because you definitely want to see more of your favorite characters; I mean just ask fans of Army of the Dead how happy they were to see Dieter back in Army of Thieves. So let us answer all the questions you may have about the Red Notice sequel. Shall we?

Does this Red Notice sequel green light a franchise?

Netflix said yes to not one, but two sequels for Red Notice, thus it makes you wonder whether they are planning to turn this into a successful franchise. Even though the critics were not really pleased with the movie, the audience loved the start ensemble of the film. Hence, it is highly probable that we might see this being turned into a franchise with multiple stars.

Red Notice 2: Release Date

We don’t even know if Red Notice 2 is the right way to address the movie because apparently; we are having two Red Notice sequels that will be filmed simultaneously. However, there are no confirmed release dates yet for any of the movie, and even the shooting for the movies is yet to begin. So, all we can do is wait.

Red Notice Sequel Cast

Well, we can expect all three leads of the film to make a return, including Reynolds, Gadot, and Johnson. Other than that majority of the cast including Ritu Arya (Inspector Urvashi Das), Chris Diamantopoulos (Sotto Voce), Ivan Mbakop (Tambwe), Daniel Bernhardt (Drago Grande), and Thurber (an exhausted director in a bar) may return as well.

Who was your favorite character from Red Notice?

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