Teleparty the Best Feel Good Movies on Netflix

Teleparty the Best Feel Good Movies on Netflix

Once in a while, we need to unwind from the hectic week. It is good for our health to do so. One of the sources to do so is to watch feel good movies. It gives you the dopamine to get through difficult times. With so much content on the internet, Netflix has the best feel good movies.

If you can’t make it home to your family and might miss out on family time, you need not worry. Netflix has you covered with Teleparty, a browser extension that would allow you to sync with your TV series and movies. With Teleparty, you are one step closer to the party, but you still need feel-good movies on Netflix. And that is exactly where we come to the party.

Free Birds

We start with a light kids’ animated movie with an interesting premise. In an attempt to remove the traditional Thanksgiving entrée from the menu, two turkeys travel back in time to the first Thanksgiving. Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson have been doing comedy for a long time, so they know what they are doing.

This movie is perfect for bingeing with your family, as a good laugh might ease the tension in the room, and even the kids won’t complain.

August: Osage County

Three sisters visit their mother, Violet (Meryl Streep), an acid-tongued, pill-popping cancer victim, after their father’s demise and funeral. Barbara (Julia Roberts), Karen (Juliette Lewis), and Ivy (Julianne Nicholson), as well as their significant others and several other relatives, endure their dysfunctional matriarch’s vitriol. Tracy Letts’s play is the inspiration for this film.

The star cast itself is enough for anyone to pursue the film further. This movie might hit home for some and will show the other side of the coin to others. All-and-all this drama-comedy is a must watch on Thanksgiving.

The Holiday

Iris, who has been heartbroken, swaps houses with Amanda, a Californian who has been similarly unlucky in love. Amanda navigates the lanes of a picture-perfect English village, while Iris finds herself in a huge Hollywood house. Both love-struck ladies eventually run upon local lads who are excellent for a romantic pick-me-up.

The list would feel incomplete without a rom-com, so we have one starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. This one is for all the hopeless romantics who are having a hard time finding a partner.


Single folks with no dates on Thanksgiving have to answer a barrage of questions from their relatives, and honestly, it gets a little irritating. Holidate expands on this problem faced by single folks, with a unique solution.

Tired of being alone on holidays, two strangers agree to be each other’s platonic plus-ones for the entire year, only to develop actual feelings for each other along the way. This could be your solution to shut your relatives and find a companion.

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Let us know in the comments how are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year.

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