Arian Moayed of Inventing Anna Gives us Major Reasons to Fall in Love With Him And The Show

Arian Moayed of Inventing Anna Gives us Major Reasons to Fall in Love With Him And The Show

You surely fell in love with Anna Delvey’s lawyer in Inventing Anna. I mean, who would not have a crush on an intellectual, handsome, and fashionable lawyer like Todd Spodek himself? But did you know the actor playing this character, Arian Moayed in Inventing Anna, is just as much cute? In a recent meet-cute interview with Netflix Tudum, the actor shares his views and thoughts about his character in the fictionalized story of Delvey’s scandals.

Apparently, Inventing Anna is his first Shondaland project, and he has done a great job in the show. In the interview, he talks about many interesting things, such as his catch on the show and the scam ultimately. You might also get to know something about his personal life towards the end of the article. Hence, if you are interested enough, hang on with us as we unveil this conversation.

Arian Moayed on Todd Spodek’s style in Inventing Anna

When asked about fashion influencing him and his character, Moayed clarified that he is in love with the suits. He said he loved every second of wearing suits in the show.

Praising the designer Moayed mentioned, “Lyn Paolo, our amazing costume designer, really wanted Todd to have a good sense of taste with some Mets background in him, some working class, Long Island vibe. I loved wearing those suits.”

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Moayed’s views on Spodek’s revolutionary relationship with Anna Delvey

In the show, we see how Todd develops a father-daughter relationship with Anna Delvey from a mere contract. His wife, too, was a lawyer. Coming from a respected lawyer family, he did a lower criminal attorney job, but Delvey’s case was a real opportunity for him to prove himself“at one point he says that he represented Alec Baldwin’s [stalker.] All this is to say that he had a real opportunity with Anna to really go up the ladder and find himself, to make a name for himself,” the actor said.

Arian Moayed thinks his character is obsessed with his job in Inventing Anna

Todd Spodek was extremely dedicated to his job. But you know, everything comes at a cost. In Todd’s case, it was his family. He was so much immersed in the case that he could not give much time to his family. He even denied going on vacation with his family. And somewhere, he did feel guilty about his situation as Delvey’s lawyer. When asked ‘can men have it all?’ the actor responded, “Can any of us have it all? ” 

Being the parent of two daughters himself, he seems to understand Spodek’s situation. He said, “There’s often times where the work gets very heavy and then, all of a sudden, you don’t see the girls for a long time. Balance is very, very important.” He further added, “I don’t think he’s a bad dad. I think he’s obsessed with this case.”

What are Moayed’s views on Inventing Anna?

Moayed first read the article by Jessica Pressler and that’s how he knew about Delvey’s con. He said, “I was like, “I’m going to read this article,” and it was mind-altering. So well written, too. That’s how I found out about it. [Anna Delvey is] an obsessive person. It’s a personality you’re just obsessed with knowing more about; it’s never-ending.”

Further, he mentions how the show is all about the very desire of wanting more and more. He says to Tudum, “For me, as an immigrant who has had to go up the ranks and constantly fight harder than everyone else, one of the big takeaways that I get is how far that struggle and want to succeed can overpower every other piece of life.” 

Interestingly, Arian Moayed is an Aries born on April 15. His favorite food is Mexican and his favorite Netflix show is Ozark. Further, if you ever get to go on a date with him, make sure of the drinking vibe you want to create with him at the restaurant. And just for your information, his perfect date would be dinner and a play.

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Did you like Todd Spodek aka Arian Moayed in Inventing Anna? Would you go on a date with him if you ever get a chance? Do let us know in the comment section.




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