Best Funny Movies With Christmas Jingle On Netflix Right Now

Best Funny Movies With Christmas Jingle On Netflix Right Now

Netflix has the best expansive library for Christmas movies for its subscribers. The streamer company has both original and licensed titles so that the subscribers of Netflix can enjoy to its fullest. Although we have a variety of streamers present nowadays, each of them offering different content, Netflix continues to be at the top thanks to it being around for longer, its wide catalog, and its original TV shows and movies. Even Netflix brings its original Christmas content every year, which has been very popular among the viewers for its freshness. So, if you are looking for funny movies on Netflix, for this holiday season, we got you covered.

Here are the best funny Christmas movies on Netflix right now.

White Christmas

A 1954 musical film White Christmas directed by Michael Curtiz, will be going to always on the list from the vault of nostalgia. The film follows a former broadway star Captain Bob Wallace played by Bing Crosby, aspiring performer Private Phil Davis played by Danny Kaye, Betty played by Rosemary Clooney, and Judy Haynes played by Vera-Ellen, who ran away from their landlord. An old commander asked them to perform in a joint Christmas show so that they can get back in the inn’s business. Eventually, a romantic relationship starts between Betty and Bob, and Judy and Phil.

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The Knight Before Christmas

Another Christmas comedy movie from Netflix’s original library. The Knight Before Christmas by Monika Mitchell, starring Vanessa Hudgens.  The film follows a medieval English Knight Sir Cole, who is transported through some teleportation to the modern. Sir Cole was surprised by a world, which is full of chaos and noise. Luckily the medieval knight met a high-school teacher Brooke Winters played by Vanessa Hudgens, who offers him a place to stay, and with whom Cole quickly develops a deep bond, leading to a romantic relationship.

Just Another Christmas

Just Another Christmas is a 2020 Christmas comedy Brazilian movie by Roberto Santucci. The film follows around a father Jorge who hates Christmas. But little did he know, he will be stuck in a time loop. Every day he keeps waking up on Christmas Eve, with no memories of the year before, repeatedly in a time loop.

Christmas Inheritance

Another Christmas Netflix original film, where a millionaire city princess, gets into a snowy small town for a holiday letter, ends up falling in love with a generous man who helps her learn the true meaning of the holiday season.

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