Freshly Streaming: Need Christmas Vibes? Check These Movies on Netflix

Freshly Streaming: Need Christmas Vibes? Check These Movies on Netflix

Christmas is one of the most beautiful festivals out there. During the festival, it is mandatory to watch Christmas films on our cozy couch with a cup of hot chocolate with a lot of marshmallows. Lucky for us, Netflix has a bunch of Christmas movies that you can watch all year round. If you are tired of your work and want to relax, we have got you covered!

Starting from mid-November 2021, Netflix has already released several Christmas movies, like Love Hard, A Boy Called Christmas, A Castle for Christmas, and The Princess Switch 3. Both Love Hard and The Princess Switch 3 made it to the top 10 list.

We have already shared a December list of movies, shows, and documentaries on Netflix. Some Christmas movies are already released and some are still on their way.

So, here is the list of Christmas movies to watch on Netflix.

Christmas Movies on Netflix

Robin Robin

A short animated musical film by Netflix, where the film centered on a robin who was raised by a family of mice. The short film is streaming on Netflix from November 24th, 2021. The journey of a tiny bird, who knows from her young days that she differs from the other members of her family. In order to prove her worth to her mice family, she planned a heist. But in the end, she found herself.

A Castle for Christmas

The cheesiest romantic film of the Christmas season. The film centered on an American author who, after a flop novel and just to escape a scandal, went to Scotland to buy a castle. But, she ends up falling in love with the owner. This Netflix original is streaming on Netflix from November 26th, 2021.

Love Hard

Love Hard is a modern age love story from Netflix originals which was premiered at the beginning of November. The film centered on a columnist, who travels across the globe to spend the Christmas holidays with a man she liked on a dating app. After a few conversations, they grew really close, and to surprise him, she went to Europe. But, she was shaken to her core when she realized the childhood friend of the man she liked on the internet catfished her.

Father Christmas is Back

Father Christmas is Back is a Netflix original, which was released on November 7th, 2021. It’s a perfect family film which you can watch with your entire family during this holiday season. The film appreciates the true value of family and what togetherness is all about. The film develops around a dad who abandons his family long back. But, for this holiday season, he tries to reconnect with four adult daughters at their ancestral manor.

A Boy called Christmas

A Boy called Christmas was released on Netflix on November 24th, 2021. The film differs from other Christmas films because it highlights the history of Christmas. An ordinary young boy went to the North pole in search of his father where he met a reindeer and a mouse. With them, he soon met his destiny.

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