Learn How Julia Garner Perfected Delvey’s Accent in Three Weeks for Inventing Anna

Learn How Julia Garner Perfected Delvey’s Accent in Three Weeks for Inventing Anna

After Bridgerton, Shona Rhimes returned with yet another series: Inventing Anna. The limited Netflix show promised drama right from the get-go when the disclaimer read it is inspired by true events—Anna Devley’s life. Despite that, fans didn’t expect the ridiculous accent that Julia Garner has in Inventing Anna. Too many viewers were left asking the question “What accent is that?!” 

Garner’s accent is a combination of Russian, German and American accents. It is a hodgepodge just like Anna Delvey’s accent in real life.

Garner, best known for playing Ruth Langmore in another Netflix Original, Ozark, struggled with Anna’s intonation. Anna pronounces her words flatly, and Garner had to change tongue’s movements in three weeks to sound like Delvey

My tongue on Ozark is completely different from my tongue for Delvey. Anna’s tongue is kind of flat. It almost feels heavy and fat. I completely had to change how I moved my tongue in three weeks,” Garner reveals.

“This is a girl who said that she was German, and people believed it, but she actually was born in Russia, so she’s not going to have a Russian accent. And then she probably learned English in the British way because she’s European [and] they don’t learn American English,” she added

She had met Delvey in the prison and found her soft-spoken except when she wanted something. 

“She was extremely charming. She’s very gentle. But then her voice gets less soft-spoken when she wants something.”

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Anna Delvey’s take on Garner’s accent 

Shonda thought that Julia Garner got the accent right in Inventing Anna efforts. However, Anna Delvey doesn’t think Garner mastered her vague accent. According to Delvey, Garner’s accent was rather off and she doesn’t even sound like her. 

She said, “Some of it she gets right – but not everything. I don’t feel like I sound like that. It’s like when you hear yourself on TV and it’s not really the voice you hear in your head when you speak.”

The 10 episode drama is centered around the convicted conwoman, Anna Sorokin. Best known as Anna Delvey, the series chronicles her exploits of the wealthy Manhattan circle, hotels, and businesses. The series is currently streaming on Netflix

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