Rachel Williams’ Thoughts On Inventing Anna Are Not Peachy- Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Rachel Williams’ Thoughts On Inventing Anna Are Not Peachy- Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Behold dear viewers and fans! Anna Delvey has now been contrived on Netflix. The swindler is taking everyone by storm on the streaming giant ever since it premiered on February 11. We do know this series is based on the book of Rachel DeLoche Williams, who is known as Vanity Fair’s former photo editor and a victim of Sorokin’s scandals. In her book, My Friend Anna: The True Story of a Fake Heiress; she has exclusively written the anecdote of her ill-fated vacation with Delvey. But was Rachel happy with her character on-screen? Let’s talk about Rachel on Inventing Anna.

Real story vs the reel story

In a personal essay for Vanity Fair in 2018, Williams wrote her side of the story. She described what happened during the vacation in Morocco- including the affirmation of Sorokin that all the expenses would be on her. But it’s Delvey you know. The essay briefly tells us how she walked into William’s life in Gucci sandals and Céline glasses, and showed her a glamorous, frictionless world of hotel living and Le Coucou dinners and infrared saunas and Moroccan vacations. And then she made my $62,000 disappear.

She also explained when it came to filling in the expenses, Anna ‘forced’ her to use her credit card at a 5-star resort, La-Mamounia. Although she was promised by Delvey to pay for everything back; what Willams discovered was the diddler swindled all the money. It was more than her annual income!

Moving towards the miniseries, Katie Lowes plays the character of Rachel Williams. They portrayed her as Anna’s blind worshiper, who has been stuck with the bill of Moroccan vacation. According to the streaming service; Although her career and life are almost destroyed by Anna Delvey, but the woman she has become is also because of Delvey. Of course, Williams would not be dead chuffed by this portrayal of her.

Rachel’s disappointments on Inventing Anna

As the show brought Anna’s mind-blowing scandals, the author has shared her disappointment in many personal essays and interviews.

“This Netflix description felt shocking. ‘The woman she becomes because of Anna’. Seven little words that in one fell swoop stripped me of my agency, accomplishments, and truth,” Williams wrote in a personal essay for Time entitled “Why Inventing Anna Is a Damaging Show,”

Ironically, Sorokin’s lawyer, Todd Spodek, assured that it was not a swindle. Speaking of the disputed bill, he said to ABC News: “I don’t believe a criminal act occurred. … “She [Williams] made a voluntary choice to put this debt on her credit card, she didn’t have to, she wasn’t forced to do it, she chose to do it, and that was a mistake.” 


However, Williams calls both Anna and Netflix attention seekers. She said Netflix is “effectively running a con woman’s PR.” She mentioned in an essay for Air Mail: “Consider that whatever scruples audiences may have with Inventing Anna, any controversy that ensues is sure to attract an even wider audience.”

Rachel also reflected a similar POV on Inventing Anna in the Time story. “It will be seen by more people than will ever meet Anna or do the work to understand her real nature or what really happened,” she said. “And that is a dangerous reality.”

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