Throwback: Watch Taylor Swift Making ‘The Man’ on Miss Americana on Netflix

Throwback: Watch Taylor Swift Making ‘The Man’ on Miss Americana on Netflix

Taylor Swift has to be the most iconic star of this generation, and her music is proof of why it is so. The most beautiful thing about her music is that it is always personal, emotional, and raw; Taylor never wished to hide anything, rather she uses her talent to communicate exactly how she feels. So, the next time someone quotes Plato and his theory of imitation, remember that Taylor and her work are the perfect examples of that; since all of her songs reflect upon her life. One of them is the song’ The Man by Taylor Swift.

From her beloved 2019 album Lover, The Man by Taylor Swift has to be one of the most outspoken songs that tackle the inequality women face in their life. We are definitely not alien to the existence of gender discrimination, as we literally see it all the time and everywhere. Taylor also went through her share of inequality during her career, but unlike us, she has the creative talents and courage to talk about it candidly via her music.

Taylor Swift writing The Man

Sure, the song is a pure form of beauty to listen to, but it got even more beautiful and exciting when we saw the writing process of her song The Man. While the clip first appeared in the Netflix Documentary Miss Americana, the video was recently shared in the YouTube channel of Netflix Film Club. It is just so graceful to see the creativity and elegance of Taylor unfold right in front of your eyes, while the guy on the piano (Joel) plays the notes.

We see her listening to the recording of herself, which she recorded on her phone at 4 in the morning. I mean, yes of course we all are creative during the nighttime, but this American singer is definitely on some god-level creativity. She even writes some parts of the song just on the go, as she asks Joel to just create a vibe and says,”…then this’ll write itself“. See for yourself:

Twisting yourself into a pretzel

Taylor has a lot to say about how difficult it is to be a woman; she says, “You are kind of doing a constant strategy in your head as to how not be shamed for something on any given day. But then you get accused of being calculated for having a strategy.” As Joel rightly points out, “It’s just a lose-lose situation.” Taylor has a very peculiar way of expressing what she has been feeling lately. She goes, “I mean, I’m good, but it’s been, uhh.. You sort of do have to twist yourself into a pretzel on an hourly basis.

It is just so cute to see her vibing to music or struggling to write a lyric, or literally do anything. Taylor saying, “This is so fun to write“, while literally writing a song that will probably become an anthem against patriarchy is such a powerful thing to see. The video ends with a small clip of her playing the tunes of The Man on the piano.

Let us know what is your favorite song by Taylor Swift. Ours has to be Love Story (Taylor’s Version).

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