WATCH: BTS Clip Of Tall Girl 2 Cast Having Fun On Set

WATCH: BTS Clip Of Tall Girl 2 Cast Having Fun On Set

It surely seemed like the cast had too much fun working on the set of Tall girl 2. Too many times the actors would forget their lines or even the direction they were supposed to go. Tall girl 2 centers on Jodi, the lead of her school’s musical, and a host of problems that come with popularity. Recently Netflix Film Club shared the video on their YouTube channel, where we can see the actors fooling around on the set. Let us have a look at it!

Fun moments on the set of Tall Girl 2

Too many laughs and too many retakes

Griffin Gluck who plays Jack Dunkleman, hurt himself when he clapped too hard for a new shot! The actor is playfully bratty on the set when in one scene, he tells the other person beside him to drive the car. Sulking is more important to him than driving. But hilariously the car didn’t start and Griffin was like, “Is the car dead?” 

Although the bloopers did not show much of Sabrina Carpenter, she was adorable behind the scenes. A frustrated Sabrina is yelling that she’s more than just shiny skin when she forgets the lines and looks at the camera sheepishly. 

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The number of high-fives in the bloopers is not too many-just 3. But it doesn’t answer our question: what are they high-fiving about? Our best guess is that the actors managed to give their perfect shot after the nth number of retakes! 

Pimples are super annoying especially when you are shooting! Our poor Griffin feels the same. When the makeup could not do it, the boy demanded the production team use VFX to give him flawless skin. 

Luke can handle anything but his hair

You know when you are trying to speak and someone keeps interrupting and you just want to scream at them? Probably the team was filming somewhere close to the railway station, and Angela Kinsey had enough of the train interrupting her. She cussed at the goddamn train, making everyone laugh. 

While everyone was struggling with their lines, Luke Elsner was fighting a lone battle with his hair. Cut to Griffin running his hand through his all-gelled hair. With so much gel, not even a gust of wind can mess his hair up. Ava Michelle, who plays Jodi Kreyman, mostly forgot her lines and then proceeded to dance dorkily. Not quite what you would expect from someone as elegant as Ava. 

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