Why Does Alan Reed On Inventing Anna Look So Familiar?

Why Does Alan Reed On Inventing Anna Look So Familiar?

Although Inventing Anna has too many familiar faces to count, one, in particular, has caught our attention. Alan Reed, Anna’s lawyer in Inventing Anna who is ready to fight her case and help build her this so-called big thing, which he has no idea about is played by none other than Anthony Edwards. Still can’t remember? This is the same guy who played Goose, the lovable charming Tom Cruise’s friend in Top Gun

“Here’s this young energy that’s able to manipulate and control people by telling them what they want to hear,” he says.

Anthony is currently working on Tales of the Walking Dead and AppleTV+’s WeCrashed

Anthony was a victim of sexual abuse  

Edwards has been away from our TV screens for too long. Before returning as Alan Reed on Inventing Anna, Anthony had taken a long break to bring up his kids and to deal with a trauma that has been haunting him since his youth. Anthony was sexually abused when he was 13 years old. To cope with the shame and the guilt, he developed self-deprecating humor and became hyper-focused in achieving his goals. He ran into his abuser years later at the airport. And he was forced to face it at the age of 52. 

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When the Bryan Singer scandal came to light, Anthony decided to pen down a personal essay. He made his story public in 2017. Since then he has been lending support to the male sexual victims through his 1in6.org foundation. 

Anthony was not dying to play Goose 

You’d think actors would do anything to get to act alongside Tom Cruise, but not Anthony. Anthony liked the script, but for him, it was not an “artistic one”, it was more of a “career move” for him. He liked the story but having been raised in a “hippy-dippy” family, he quite supported the glorification of the military. Though Anthony admits, a part of him wanted to be a big star, he always knew that his journey would be different. 

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