Jason Bateman’s Debut Movie Completes 35 Years: 5 Unknown Facts About ‘Teen Wolf Too’

Jason Bateman is one of the most successful actors in the industry today. Over the years, Bateman has given countless films and shows to the audience. Furthermore, the Ozark star has had a very long career and started acting at a very young age. From Horrible Bosses to Ozark, the list of icon roles by Bateman goes on. While we all are aware of the actor’s popular shows, very few of his fans know about his initial films.

In recent times, the name of Jason Bateman is not unknown to the masses. However, the actor started at a young age and has come a long way to become the successful actor he is today. His first film, Teen Wolf Too, completed thirty-five years on 20th November. The comedy film first made its way to our screens in 1987 and marked the debut of Jason Bateman. As the film completed its thirty-fifth anniversary recently, here are a few hidden facts about Jason Bateman starrer Teen Wolf Too.

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Five Unknown facts about Teen Wolf Too, the debut film of Jason Bateman

The 1987 Jason Bateman starrer Teen Wolf Too was the sequel of the 1985 movie Teen Wolf, starring Michael J. Fox. The film follows the story of Todd Howard, a member of the werewolf family who attempts to become the champion boxer of Hamilton University. While many of us might be aware about the storyline, here are five other hidden facts from Teen Wolf Too.

1) Michael J. Fox refused to reprise his role

As we all know, Michael J.Fox was a part of the 1985 film Teen Wolf. However, The Secret of My Success actor refused to reprise his role owing to the tiring process involved during the makeup of a werewolf.

2) The sequel had a peculiar crossover with Teen Wolf

In one of the scenes as Todd(Bateman) is going through Stile’s wardrobe, he finds a shirt from the 1985 film Teen Wolf.

3) The film was to have a third installment

Interestingly, there was a third installment set to happen featuring Alyssa Milano. However, owing to poor performance by Teen Wolf Too, MGM studios waved off the idea.

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4) Only two characters from Teen Wolf reprised their roles

Uncle Harold ( James Hampton) and Mark Halton’s character, Chubby, retained their roles.

5) Unlike Teen Wolf,  Teen Wolf Too had very poor rating

Teen Wolf Too had an incredibly poor rating at IMDb has one of the worst ratings. The sequel is even a part of the IMDb bottom 100.

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