Marvel Star Kumail Nanjiani Reveals Pakistani Wedding Secrets to Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes

Netflix’s 2022 release Murderville is constantly in the news for its unique style and cast. Will Arnett welcoming new guests on the show with the crisp content of solving murder mysteries is what keeps the audience hooked. The next episode, which will be out just in time for Christmas, is going to star Will’s old co-star from Arrested Development, Jason Bateman.

Murderville also stars Kumail Nanjiani in one of its episodes, which appeared in Marvel’s 2021 release Eternals. Bateman and Arnett recently happened to be on the SmartLess on Apple Podcasts along with Nanjiani, where the latter told them about the Pakistani wedding rituals.

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Kumail Nanjiani explains his wedding ritual to Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes

Nanjiani featured on the SmartLess podcasts and the show’s official Twitter uploaded a short segment where the Eternals star is discussing his wedding rituals with the show’s hosts, Sean Hayes, Arnett, and Nanjiani. The Pakistani-American actor celebrated his fifteenth wedding anniversary this year and instead of throwing a party, he and his spouse, Emily V. Gordon, decided to renew their vows.

While discussing that, Jason offered to be his officiator, whereas Will wanted to know more about Pakistani wedding rituals. Arnett told him about one of his Indian friend’s wedding rituals where he arrived on a white horse for a ceremony. He wanted to know whether the same thing happens in Pakistani wedding rituals, too.

Jason replied that it does, but it was difficult for him to find out a horse in New Jersey on short notice, and hence he did not perform that ritual. However, he funnily said that it might not be easy to find out a horse, however, if Will wants a horse’s head he will surely be able to deliver it easily.

Both Jason and Kumail have appeared in Murderville starring Will Arnett as the lead. On one hand, Kumail appeared in the third episode of the show aired on February 3, 2022, whereas Bateman will be the guest star in the Christmas special episode of the show released on December 15.

The episode of the SmartLess that these three appeared on was released on November 14 and you can listen to it on Apple Podcasts exclusively.

If you want to watch Kumail in this improv comedy, watch it now only on Netflix.

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