When Keanu Reeves Reminded Jaden Smith of the “weight on his shoulder” and It Had Nothing to Do With Will Smith

Although Jaden Smith has not been seen recently on the big screen, he has worked with some legends of the industry. One such star was The Matrix legend, Keanu Reeves. The two were seen sharing the screen together for a movie back in 2008. It was a great experience for the then-10-year-old Jaden and the Hollywood giant. 

In various interviews, the two stars have reflected on their experience of working with each other. The young Jaden Smith upstaged Reeves, and the latter was also a lot impressed by the talent the little star had then. Although Smith’s career is now more inclined towards music, working with Reeves still holds significant importance for the now 21-year-old artist. 

What Did Keanu Reeves once say about working with Jaden Smith?

Soon after the release of their movie, Keanu Reeves sat down for an interview with film journalist Rob Carnevale. In the conversation, he was all praises about Jaden Smith, who played the part of Jacob Benson in the movie. While talking about various other elements of the film, the star expressed his gratitude to have had a chance to collaborate with Jaden Smith. He also felt that his young co-star’s commitment and positive personality were too commendable. During the interview, he also revealed that the movie’s social commentary potential intrigued him a lot. 

In fact, owing to Jaden Smith’s professionalism, Reeves did not have to do much to bond with him. In another interview, which is especially for the Smiths, The Red Table Talk, he gushed about his experiences with the entire Smith family. As per reports, Keanu Reeves stated, “It was cool to work with you back then” on the 100th episode of the Talk Show. Further praising the aspiring artist, he said, “You (Jaden) have some heavy lifting to do on your shoulders“. 

Meanwhile, Jaden Smith also mentioned that working with The Matrix Resurrection star was an honor for life. Their movie is about an alien visiting earth as Klaatu, a simple alien with a strong message to humans. It asks mankind to take care of the planet, and keep it clean, or they will create a ‘New World’. There is surprisingly no action sequence or bloodshed but has a bunch of terrific bodyguards and spacecraft. The Day The Earth Stood Still is available to watch on AppleTV.

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Have you seen their movie together yet? What did you think of Smith’s performance?

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